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I have a couple of ideas. Being able to destroy the food cooker and water purifier would be nice. Also maybe some way to craft a backpack. Ooo, and if your going to add more items to craft, then you should maybe redo the crafting menu.

Replied to Alyn in Raft comments

I guess you have to re-download the game. I don't know what else you could do. Maybe you can take your save file and when you re-download then you can put it in somehow. I don't know but I hope this helps.

Replied to xFacuh in Raft comments

Nope, for now you just have to go through what you don't need and throw it out. What I do is make a bunch of nets so I get a lot of supplies. I usually have too much scrap metal, maybe like 5 stacks, so I just throw it out. I think we don't really need storage right now because of the fact that there isn't much to be crafted but It'll come in handy in the future. Hope I helped you.

Posted in Raft comments

This game is amazing! Unlike any other survival game that I've ever seen before! It's really early and there's not much to do, but I love the concept and I think this game will be great! Good luck with your game guys!