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This is one of the best if not the Best 2D Racing games I've played. It was so much fun I decided to do a small write up on it. I am looking forward to the full release. Here are my thoughts condensed:

I adore the art style, I love the vibrant colors, the clean pixel art. The backgrounds were a nice touch. The interface was beautiful.

I really loved the music  selction as well, in particular the final track's bgm. It really complimented the night-time track well. The sound design was spot on, and it felt satisfying to hear it everytime.

Gameplay was great, I have no complaints there.

I had one problem with the game -

The screen-space orientation when I make a hard corner. It moves the entire track to the left or the right, and on several occasions, I found myself moving my entire head and positioning my neck in very bad positions. It became second nature after only a few minutes. It also caused a lot more strain on my eyes than I thought it would.

Overall I really enjoyed this game, it is clear that you all are having fun and putting in a lot of work into it! Keep up the good work, I look forward to the full release!

My full thoughts can be found on my website or youtube:

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This was a really great and fun time! I really enjoyed this game, I especially loved the soundtrack, for me the soundtrack was the stand out piece in this game. I loved how everything felt so aesthetic and pleasing. 

My only real issue with this game was the length of the last stage - it felt like it was going on and on without the difficulty ramping up, and there would be times when the colour pallete of the game worked against itself. Other than that I enjoyed my time with it. 

Also if you all were to sell the Soundtrack for this game, I'd buy it. 

I didn't realize there were updates to the game - so I'll have to update and play some more. 

If anyone is interested in my other more lengthy thoughts on the game, you can check it out in the video. 

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My Full Thoughts:

A summary of my thoughts:

I have to say, just watching the screenshots and demo videos was more than enough for me to get engrossed. I absolutely loved the demo. This music is really great, and I hope we get a full soundtrack release when the game is completed.

The aesthetic choices you all made was really great, I enjoyed just racing up and down the bazaar/marketplace with the music blaring in my ears, it really felt like a slice of a much larger world!

There was some performance issues on my end , but I'm sure that will get sorted out as well. The pseudo-tank controls take a bit of geting used to, but with some practice I think it shouldn't be a problem for most. 

This was a great game and I am looking forward to playing this on full release.

Also I enjoyed this game a lot and I spoke more about the level and world design and some additional thoughts of what it reminds me of as well.

I really enjoyed this demo. While I don't have the extra income to back the game on Kickstarter. I would just like to say the way this game told its story, built its world, and used many small details to bring the environment and atsmosphere alive was something I greatly enjoyed! I will be keeping an eye for the offical release of this.

Here are some  more in-depth thoughts on the atmosphere and storytelling of the game:

Hey, I have to say this was one of the best bullet-hell esque games I've played in the long time. I loved it so much that I just felt the need to make a video on it as well. I am definitely looking forward to the full release, and I would love to be able to purchase the soundtrack for this game as well, I absolutely loved it! 

My Full Thoughts: