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Vaag Falkner

A member registered Mar 08, 2020

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HI! your game is so old and new, and easy and challenging at the same time that I really loved to play!


but I had a problem with the ship editor: I deleted so many polys from a ship that now just a triangle remains... I would love to restore the original ship, but I cant generate any new poly, just dots... I tried deleting the game and re-installing everything, but the ship is always a bone of what it was XO

can you help me?

thanks in advance

I like the title generator. 

It was one of the first ideas for the game I came up with, and literally the last one I implemented - like half hour before submitting. So I'm not particularly happy about the result and I'm planning to improve it.

it's a really good one thou, and I hope you could share the generator as-is (and any other generator you wish) in a separate project

can you add the 'Mute' command?

can you add the 'Mute' command?

nice game. I play it every day since a couple of years. Love it very much.

Nice, quick, intriguing. 

Love it!