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I was experimenting with an Android port. The only issue is that a new GUI is required as the existing one is too small.

Right, that dialog should be disabled for the web version.

I'm just porting the game to the latest Godot version and it seams to fix most issues with the web version.

If you tried to open it in a different version of Godot, it will not work. (I think it was 3.2.3.)
Also, the code base was written in one day. I'd make it more modular and less hard coded with more time.

Thank you for your suggestions. I'll try that out, although that kind of hair style could be a bit difficult to make in pixel art.

Is this Portuguese? I guess you don't speak english?

If I got this right, you ask whether you can use the portraits. Yes, the license of the portraits is CC-BY 4.0.

Oh right, glasses are missing! I'm going to add some glasses.

Thank you!
It works. My strategy was to wait for Godot 4.

Yes, it's fine.

Looks nice!

Of course!

The license is CC-BY 4.0. The only requirement is attribution.

I used GIMP. It's not particularly well suited for pixel art animations though.

Yes, the license is CC-BY 4.0 which allows commercial use.

I made the sprites/masks with GIMP, but they are very simple. More important are the shaders I wrote. Then, I used Godot engine to render the sprite sheets.


Apparently I broke it by another bug fix. Should be working now.

No, I haven't. Usually I contribute to open source games.

I don't explicitly ask for links in the license file included in the zip file. the CC BY license does not require to provide an in-game link either.
Just showing my name is fine.


I have some free time at Christmas to do some work on this game. Maybe I will even add a title screen ;)

Yes, no problem. The license is CC-BY-SA 4.0

Yes, the CC-BY license allows commercial use.

Sometimes, if I have time for that left.

The file size is much smaller than I expected (only 66MB). I just uploaded a .zip file containing the .blend files.

Yes, I still have them. It's less than 300MB in total, but I don't have the time right now to upload it.

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Please credits me as Viktor Hahn. I think I added a readme file to the zip files. Maybe I forgot it sometimes...

Thanks for your feedback!

I don't really know what the player is supposed to do myself. There should be some kind of long term goal.
Alongside that you work as mercenary carrying out missions you receive, like decontaminating planets.

I struggle with UIs. I planned to redesign it anyway, but I thought as the game is already playable I release it right now.


The license is CC BY 4.0. Comercial use is explicitly allowed.

I've got a lot of positive feedback so far, so I will keep working on this game.

Some of the reported problems were already addressed in the post-jam branch.

Yes, of course. The license is CC-BY 4.0.
In short, you can do everything you want as long as you credit me as original author of these icons (e.g. credit screen).

I'm glad you figured out how the mechanics work.

I wrote about the right-click in the last sentence of the help section. I guess it gets missed too easy.

Well, I had not enough time for a real tutorial.

Chat? Uhh I have no idea. Usually I don't chat. If mail is adequate: