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Thank you for your feedback! I'm happy to know you felt that way :)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)

Nice and subtle storytelling, the aesthetic goes along as well. Stories about brothers always reach me and this one did.

I really liked it! The puzzles are fun and the lights look great. Maybe it would be nice to be able to change character with one key.

So nice! The concept is really interesting and original, plus the player have to figure out which color matchs each emotion. Is there a max score?

So good! Great art and fun :)

That's so true! I updated the game :)

That's a great idea! I thought about it while doing the game, but chose not to implement that, so flowers don't grow if someone says something hurtful like "you are not pretty". However, as you say, I also found myself trying to write full sentences to the flowers haha so I'll try to figure out something. Thanks for your feedback! 

Thank you!! Yes, I made it in Godot :)

Amazing!!! Super creative

I liked it!! It's fun and original 

Awesome game! It has a lot of content and a nice character creator. I noticed a little bug in case you want to fix it: ammo count does not work on survival mode. Congrats and keep it up!

Nice! The combat system is great and with it you could make a dungeon crawler or a tactic rpg. Some ideas I had while playing: it would be nice to have  a "restart" button after finishing a fight. There could be random walls so every combat is unique. I found a little bug: my character can walk over the top and left wall.

Fun game !! well done

I liked it! Controls are super responsive.