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Thanks! I would stop the motion of a moving object to prevent clipping inside of objects. You can still do it, but I was trying to prevent joints from getting too mangled when turned 'on' and trying to find their position. Stopping you from moving where they naturally touch and make a joint was a cleaner way of doing it, I thought.

ok should be fixed, you'll have to actually climb this time!

Ah your right, my barriers broke at some point, I'll try to put out a fix, thanks!

Posted a bunch in the google drive!

That's all you do! Try to see what different plant leaf rotations you can make by changing the degree amount.

Actually, I do see a paper displacement and paper normal in the render, but I guess the normal isn't in the final result? Also not sure why it doesn't show up in the editor either.

Hello! I'm using windows 10, Blender 3.0.0
Plugging the light normal in directly just gives me a black square.
Changing values in the lighting setup node doesn't do anything.

Awesome tool! When trying the Paper Crumpling my version doesn't look like yours, though, more like dark cloudy noise. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks!

The transparent overlay is from
Generating the creatures with LookingGlass AI takes maybe 20 minutes to make 25, so it's pretty slow. It's also kind of ??? as to what will happen, so it takes a certain amount of trial and error. I probably generated 600 or so and took 300ish that I liked. I also had to manually erase all their backgrounds and slap faces on most of them.  It would be cool if they could be made 'live' but probably wouldn't work as is.

I have made a thing in the past where you could draw creatures on your phone and they would appear live in the game, maybe I could merge that with this...

Wonderful! I guess night-time is de facto cat dancing time

Nice! I found a dilberito

Amazing Egg, Amazing Game, Egg

Ah thanks for the video! Glad you liked it!

Sorry! It's too old a project version to do anything new with, and this was the only built version I had where (mostly) everything was still working, so I decided to upload it.

Ah, thank you! I still watch your video all the time, easily one of my favorites!

I added a linux build if you wanted to try it! No idea if it will work or not...

ah, if you could that'd be great! Not sure how to get around it unless the textures didn't scroll at all, though, or would move very very slowly(like move down once every 10 seconds or so).

I got to the part of the maze with the texture that scrolls downward, which made me really dizzy/motion sick so I had to stop...maybe I can power through it, but are there any other scrolling walls like that one?

Absolutely not.

wa wa wa wa wa termewaterme peapearpearpear wa pear

Thanks for playing, and for the vid! 

Hope you liked it, and thanks for the video!

Thanks for playing!

I love it! Thanks for playing, and making the video!!

Thanks for playing!