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I will play soon!

Cool game. Short and fun but I didn't understand what the hell is that green place?

Man, this game is Insane!

Playing Frisbee with your dog has never been so dangerous hahahaha
Nice Game, Congrats!

Hello guys!

Congratulations for the game. Very simple but it does a good job of bringing back a fear we felt as a child.

Who has never gone out runs through the house afraid of the dark?

The game is great!

Terror in the right dose. I loved it, congratulations!

I spent a lot of time wanting to play this game, because my pc didn't run. But I finally got to play it and thought it was great!

Congratulations on this beautiful game, guys!

Too bad the game is so short. I was curious to know more about this spooky mystery!

Congratulations for the game!

I needed to play three times to finish this Demo! hahaha

The Game is Beautiful! Very good, I liked it a lot. Congratulations!


Please, if you make a sequel I would be very happy!

Looking forward to more of your work!

Nice Game!

Very fun and funny. I had a lot of fun playing this game!


cool game, too bad it's short!

congratulations on the job.

I liked it too much! I had a lot of fun with this game. Congrats on the work and I hope to play more of your games!

cool game!

the villain's face is familiar to me!


Cool game!

I loved the game's story. I found it very creative and the scares are just right. I also liked the puzzles

Loved the game! Had a great time.

Congratulations on the job

I liked the game! 

Reminds us of a very simple thing: never trust strangers!

Enjoyed the game! The style, the story... everything!

Reminds me a lot of old games. memories of a good time in the past.


i liked the game. The story is interesting and the scares are just right!


Nice Game!

waiting for more!

An interesting and mysterious story.

cool puzzles! I confess that the control panel I did in luck hahahaha.

I'll be on the lookout for any updates!

Very cool game!

Potrick is ridiculously terrifying and the game is ridiculously fun. A perfect combination.

Nice Game! I hope there is a sequel to this game.

I definitely would not leave my grandson in this daycare!

Great Game, Guys!

I discovered a terrible secret and paid for knowing too much!

 Nice game

I will never go into a ball pit again hahahaha
Nice Game

Nice game!

my God! the jumpscare really got me!

Nice Game!

Don't be fooled by the appearance of the game. It's very cute but the little animals are not to be played with.

Massa! Ansioso por uma continuação!

Muito bom! Deixa com vontade de saber o que aconteceu depois...