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Uti Azulay

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awwww thank you so much!!! it was amazinggg meeting you guys :)

one of my favs, incredible work. amazing writing + art + music. rest in peace mizutani

Thanks so much for playing, glad to hear you enjoyed! :) Sorry to hear the boss crashed it (we haven't tested on wine or linux yet) but that shouldn't happen in the full release.

Hey! It's going to be a long time unfortunately, probably a couple years. But we hope you stick around! Updates will be posted to our Twitter or Discord.

Thanks so much for playing! :)

Thanks!! The full release will 100% be on steam.

Hey thanks for playing and letting us know about that bug! glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks a bunch for the feedback and the lets play, we’re glad you liked the cartographer haha

Hey thanks so much for checking out the game and making a let’s play! We really appreciate it

ohjohzdeem ohsoo wie



amazing. love it

thank you so much for playing!! we're working full time on it and hope to release next year, so if you want to know when the full game's out follow our twitter at @swsw_game

no! its in active development at the moment, this is just the first bit of the game. we havent started posting on twitter yet but the acct is here if you want updates:

(in Poland and Russia) an old woman or grandmother.