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A light-hearted game with some great advice!

I'm thirsty now... Nice design on the different types of drinks!

A very stylish game with a strong message!

I think you managed to create an entire world with a very minimalistic design! I also enjoyed the thematic aspect of human-robot relations. (As I was writing this comment, requested me to confirm I'm not a robot...)

Absolutely loved the idea and its implementation in level design! A very strong, anxious gameplay experience.

The most fun I've ever had while clearing bodies from my garden.

I found this game to have a nice, positive vibe. Getting out of the door is always a victory in itself!

Very creative implementation of the radical botany theme! :D Nice implementation with the graphics and for some reason I found the avatar really funny.

Made it to the end (at last)! A funny but very violent adventure in the woods.

What a beautiful game, it's amazing how many different types of objects you were able to create! A funny and sweet (like a donut) little game.

On my way to space right now! :)

The transition between areas was really cool!

A very important theme and great use of game mechanics in allowing the player to experience it!

Loved the stabby tonberry! <3

Simple yet clever! Also a bit infuriating. In a good way.

I loved the artistic style and the avatar design! Very atmospheric game and clever writing.

What?! I'm not quite sure what that was but I loved it!

This was simultaneously very funny and anxiety inducing... Loved the avatar design!

The ending was nice (and it's always good to have one! ;)), and playing the game got me thinking about the unavoidability of fake news. The designed structure of the game nicely emphasised the point!

I really liked the two very different type of cool areas you created for the game!

I'm so glad I can finally sleep! This was a very funny game, wanted to play again and again just to see all the different options, good writing! I also liked the variety of character graphics and the style in general.

A beautiful game and good gameplay flow, I loved the sense of discovery!

A game that makes you wonder... :) Nice intro and use of different colours for different areas!

I loved the idea and the style you created with the graphics!

A very Finnish game! I think I managed to finish it. Funny and clever use of objects.

I loved how the point of the game was reflected in the gameplay through the interactions! Playing this, I laughed out loud and felt helpless at the same time.