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Well that's disappointing. 4 USD dollars is a lot of too much money

If they're imposter it really sucks though. Pretty much once the kill cooldown is over it kills anyone that gets into the kill range of it and you cant kick it out.

That's a glitch, the other red with no name isnt a player. I've had it happen before, it's really weird

It is on mobile

Yeah that's a good idea

They are. Read

Do like any computer game, click every key until you see what does what.

You've encountered the creepy af bug. I've seen it to. Once it was imposter and everyone that touched it died. Yes, it's super creepy and should be fixed.

Are you suggesting that that's not their body? I am really worried about the anatomy of them.

You should have people be unbanned if there is a new host. It's annoying having a really bad host ban me or someone, then when they leave I still cant join back.