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Thanks :D

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Here's my review of the game:

For an early-access game, it's a pretty good demo.

  • The interface is clean and pretty self-explanatory. Easy to understand and very user-friendly.
  • The art style for this game is beautiful as well. It's pretty neat and simple, it also has some "kartun 90/2000's an" vibe.
  • Even though there's only one soundtrack, it's a well-made one. It doesn't sound cheap and annoying, and somehow gives more of the "cop and robbers" identity to the game

I was unable to test the game with my friends since they're busy with MOBA and PUBG, so I just played it with myself. The police's job is too easy since what they do is just run towards the thief and their job is done. It's like in Among Us, the imposter's job is just run to their victim and their job is done. My suggestion is that you can add a "tangkap" button so it'd add some elements to police's gameplay, instead of just running around.

Now, let's see the bugs.

  • Other player is displayed after one match is done. However, this bug is already addressed by you guys as well as the solution to it
  • Phone movement option is still shown even in the PC version
  • Colour options that still in development but is shown in-game

  • The music goes dead silent even though the slider is only at half

p/s - idk if it's something but u guys forgot to mention that it requires 64-bit? my friend on 32-bit can't run this game