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Thanks <3

Thanks! Yes, the music is awesome!

Glad you enjoy the demo!

Awesome, can't wait for your feedback!

Thanks! The music was done by Coffee "Valen" Bat and he did a fantasic job!

Oh, thanks a lot!

<3 Working on a sucessor at the moment.

Thanks man! A digital download or the cartridge is already avalable at Incube8 Games.

Hi, thanks a lot! Ferrante Crafts is doing  a great job with the cartridges and boxes.

Oh nice! I have a GBC with the same IPS. However I prefer to play classic Gameboy games with the gray scale palette. You can activate it by pressing the B button and left at the same time on startup.

Thanks! Yes, some of the graphics are inspired by Zelda.

No, is was programmed with GBDK. It features some mechanics which are not possible using GBS.

Thanks <3

Hi, a cartridge only version is available now at Ferrantes Crafts! We have currently no plans to do a boxed version but there are three boxed copies left in the Community Releases Forum.

Great to see it on real hardware!

Hi, yes a ROM and cartridge will be available soon from Incube8 Games.

Because Catskull stopped selling Gameboy Homebrews I will do a release of Black Castle with Ferrante Crafts. I hope it will be available in the next few weeks.

I did it in C using GBDK. Only the scanline ISR is wirtten in ASM.

Had a look on the speed issue and it seems its because the DMG has a slower CPU causing hard slowdowns. You also have slowdowns on the GBC when there five or more enemies on screen. It can be done without slowdowns but not in GB Studio. Nice artwork and game!

Thanks! I am also working on being able to select different cars.


Here is a version with save function. However it is not tested very well.

Aktuell leider nicht. Es wird aber einen Download auf Incube8 Games geben.

Thanks for your great feedback!

Gunship wird es demnächst bei Incube8 Games geben.

Thanks! Yes, I was inspired by Solar Striker.

Thanks! Of course there is a possibility to port the game to GBC, but I have no plans to do so at the moment.

I based it on F-Zero and here it is also given as power.

Thanks, glad you like it!

Yes, its the final version.

Sorry, but Incube8 Games have the rights on this game.

Sure, thats far too expensive! Sorry, but Incube8 Games have the rights on this game and I am not allowed to put a ROM here for download. However, you can ask Incube8 if they are planning to offer a ROM only version.

Thanks! I still couldn't beat Solar Striker and wanted to do something easier.

G-ZERO is not finished and I am currently working on the project.

Yes, Genesis is final.

A physical release for Black Castle is ongoing but already sold out. It is limited to 111 copies. However I plan to offer the game at hopefully at the end of the year.

Yes, the game is finished. Hope you like it.

Here is it:

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Here is a version which stores the high scrore: Link removed

Maybe you have missed this is a real Gameboy game and it also runs on real hardware. I tested it on my Gameboy Color and Gameboy Pocket.