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Nice, thanks for your support!

Thanks for your detailed feedback. I also had the feeling G-ZERO can be made better. For example something like this:

Yes, level 4 and 5 are more difficult. Try to safe your bombs for the harder enemies. I understand it can be frustrating...

Thanks, yes I added some physics to the controls.

Schönes Spiel, nur die Steuerung finde ich etwas schwamming.

Later there will will be also a digital release.

Genau weiß ich es nicht, hoffe aber in Kürze.

Thanks! Sorry, I have no overview for the secrets.

Hi, thank you! No, its made with GBDK-2020.

Genesis 1 was considered too easy by many, so I made the successor more difficult.

Yes, we have been in contact on Twitter recently.

Try to sort right on a upcoming right turn (and left for left). This enables you to take 90° turns at full speed.

Thanks for your support!

Thanks, the game is rather short and you can do it in one run. Just take care you get all secrets.

Thanks <3

Thanks, glad you like it!

Hi, thanks! I use the GBDK to progam my games. If you don't know how to program, there is GB Studio.

Thank you so much! Have fun <3

Vielen Dank!

No, this is just a demo. The final version will have 5 stages.


The game is open source... just google for "github black castle". I did it open source to encourage people using GBDK. But dont steal my graphics and music, thanks!

Hi thanks! The game is rather short and can be done in one run. Just ensure you find all the hidden items.

Thanks <3

Thanks! Yes, the music is awesome!

Glad you enjoy the demo!

Awesome, can't wait for your feedback!

Thanks! The music was done by Coffee "Valen" Bat and he did a fantasic job!

Oh, thanks a lot!

<3 Working on a sucessor at the moment.

Thanks man! A digital download or the cartridge is already avalable at Incube8 Games.

Hi, thanks a lot! Ferrante Crafts is doing  a great job with the cartridges and boxes.

Oh nice! I have a GBC with the same IPS. However I prefer to play classic Gameboy games with the gray scale palette. You can activate it by pressing the B button and left at the same time on startup.

Thanks! Yes, some of the graphics are inspired by Zelda.

No, is was programmed with GBDK. It features some mechanics which are not possible using GBS.

Thanks <3

Hi, a cartridge only version is available now at Ferrantes Crafts! We have currently no plans to do a boxed version but there are three boxed copies left in the Community Releases Forum.

Great to see it on real hardware!

Hi, yes a ROM and cartridge will be available soon from Incube8 Games.

Because Catskull stopped selling Gameboy Homebrews I will do a release of Black Castle with Ferrante Crafts. I hope it will be available in the next few weeks.