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I have to apologize, I had went through the comments AFTER  asking and found my answer, I cannot thank you enough for creating all of these amazing sets, I cannot wait to dig into the Mega bundle I just got, have a great day!

Are these packs strictly 16x16?

good deal, thank you for the reply, I absolutely LOVE your sets and the style😁

Can these be used in MV?

I've been following you on the forums for a while now and OMG your work is amazing, keep up the great work!!!

Btw: how did you get your battle stats screen like that?

ok, good deal😁

I bought your AMAZING bundle last night and was wondering, do I combine the tiles to make a full set? Not a gripe either way, just wondering..again, absolutely, jaw-dropping job with these sets, can't wait to see what else you come up with😁

IDC, hate has no place, sorry you have to deal with this crap

Oh heck, well, I look forward to more of your work, it's extremely impressive 😁

Do you have any plans for SV Battlers?


Any chance of a swamp tileset? Thanks and keep up the breathtaking work!

no worries, it's still beautiful work!

Always a fan of your work, I was wondering, have  you done side view  battlers for the monsters?  

badass, I can't wait 😁😁😁

Would this pack happen to include an "evil castle"? Regardless,I plan on buying the bundle, but, holy GOD! you have an absolutely gorgeous style, it reminds me so much of the rpgs I grew up with, PLEASE keep up the amazing work!

Thank you, I cannot wait to get all of these, you have a wonderful style 

I absolutely LOVE your work, do you have any plans to release a "Snow" themed set?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but, does this dim the screen or does it  light certain spots? Thank you for your time 

Maaan, I have just started the demo, visually amazing, like the atmosphere and everything ,  I have to get more into the story, cause I was so distracted by the main character and how beautiful the atmosphere and the visuals, can't wait to buy this!!!😁😁😁😁