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You are free to comment how you feel on the primary post, however this comment is unnecessary as you are literally an internet nobody troll and your opinion means less that cat feces to me, and I do not even like felines.

I really enjoyed this game. Very well put together and I love that your size is an obstacle in the game.

This was amazingly put together. Looking forward to the sequal!

Good game. Maybe to much back and forth, but the jump scares were great! Worth it.

This game is amazing! Wish I Could have found the better ending. Great job!

An amazing Game! Great Story, and play through!

This game was amazing! The addition of the song on the TV just made it that much better! Great game, great ambiance.

This game was a blast! I loved the different endings, and the ambiance. 

Another great addition to the collection! I've played and loved both games so far and I'm already anxiously awaiting the next. Great Job and keep it up!

This game was far better than I had expected. The way everything changed and the overall atmosphere of the building was very well done.

This game was fun, and the graphics were amazing, especially looking out the window. The story was really good, but I wish it would have been a little deeper.

This game was well put together, and had all the elements of a great game. I can't believe there's people who live with this (I don't mean that in a bad way. That's a lot of strength in my opinion, even if they don't realize it).

I had a great time playing this game. I'm not sure what happened when I was worthy, but this was still really cool.

I love the concept and story of this game! I had a blast playing it.

I think I messed myself... Great Game!

Game loaded on black screen. I could turn and see some light but nothing ever happened. No matter how I moved. Closer or farther. 

The story was great and I love the ending!

Loved this game, and the story. Every twist and jump was worth it!

No problem at all. The game was amazing and had a complete story that's hard to find in a lot of small games.

I am looking forward to that. Merry Marras was still a great game, and I'm so glad you are continuing and expanding it!

I really enjoyed this game and the mix of different elements it contained. Great Job!

This game well put together, and the constant ambiance made it amazing!

This game was amazing to play. The atmosphere is perfect. Never could get a good ending though. Maybe I'll try again later, or perhaps I'm just not a good person after all. 

I enjoyed this game a lot. A few more jump scares and more chase scenes and it would have been near perfect!

No problem at all. I love the demo and I'm looking forward to the full release

Great details in this game. I'd love to see what happened next. So many questions.

I enjoyed playing this game. The story was good and played through at a good speed. A lot of reading at the first, but the back story was important to the story, so I'm not bothered by it. 

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This game is AWESOME! I Can't wait until the full release. I'm there 2023! 

Really good story in the game, and I love a good story.

This game was fun, but way to dark. I actually added some light in editing so viewers weren't looking at a dark screen most of the video. Sorry for my terrible way of saying the name. I had no idea how to say it. Overall it was a very fun game.

Had a great time playing this game. Cool Christmas concept.

Had a great time playing this game. I think it glitched a little at the end, but still a great time.

More to this game than I expected. Overall it was a fun game, that took lots of editing for my page. Worth it.

This game was just the right amount of spooky. I loved it.

I had a great time playing this game. Simple and fun.

Thank you.

Had a lot of fun playing this game. Played it through a couple of times after making the video.