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I think you should look around in the massage place if you haven't already. and talk to fawn as she tells you want or who you need.

and if your really stuck there's a homeless guy you can talk to who gives you hints if you feed him fish. (though I'm not too sure where he is oops.) boat...

Great game I love falling down this pizza hell but I wish there was a ost download so I can have this hellish feeling cutting a normal pizza.

Go to Rinny she's the succubus's in succubus tower.  She will ask you to have SEX and other things with her, say no to everything and scroll down to the "???". enjoy.

You can bump your character stats and give yourself money but only at the start of the game. other then that there is no debug atm.

If your talking about the succubus teacher that can jump you in transylvania. Go to randy in succubus tower and ask her to teach you some magic she'll ether teach you right away or say you need study more (there's a place in succubus tower for that just look around, the stats called mystic) and the first spell she should teach you is how to grow dicks and such. after that its straight forward encounter the teach. beat her up or make her HORNY. and there should be option to make her grow a dick. Enjoy getting pegged.

I agree this is a better enhancement overall

Your character has a secret fetish
In short When Rinny asks you for sex (This happens every time you enter succubus tower when you enter Transylvania ), say no every time until she asks you what you want to do. Then select "???"

You have to have a collar on you.
you can find one at Tiffany's Gems in Ark City's underground Mall.
after that just go to bell and gift her the collar.
Btw If she has a bell collar or any collar in general she'll return it to you.

There are a 3 places she can go
The park in the Abandoned City:
she'll be stuck in a log
she'll be "talking" to some succubus
and at New ark city:
she'll be in jail
hope this helps!

I think you mean "had got". I'm the new world record holder now.

It's true. he is cool

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btw I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but came out from the licking scene and cassie is still naked. not really sure how it happened
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The sky is definitely made of plywood.

R.I.P Mrs. Slithers may her juice find peace. 


the tape has googly eyes
the tape has googly eyes

hold esc to eject goose but IDK why you would want that