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omg  this looks so interesting *0* hope it comes out soon!

I legitimately cried at the end (of happiness) I also laughed till I cried/wheezed/fell of my fucking bed, jammed out to the music, and took plenty of screenshots to laugh at later. I'm telling all my friends about this. This game is a fucking masterpiece. This is honestly one of my legit favourite games of 2017. I love this so much. Thank you for making this. 

First of all: I LOVE this game, it's really fun and I love how twisted Yandere-chan gets.  ヽ(o♡o)/

However, I do have a problem: So I did a playthrough months ago (July, I think?), "broke" the game to get the special endings, etc. Fast forward to now in November, I rediscover this game in my game folder and thought "Hey, this was a pretty good game, I wanna play it again, from the beginning." So I downloaded a new game and opened it up, only to have it still be "broken" and remember my old save files. I went "ok, that's weird, considering this is an entirely new game file, but whatever. Guess I'll delete this one and the original and download a third game." Even after deleting the original, every time I open up a new game, it's still "broken". Is there a way around this? I really want to start anew, but I can't do it. ;~;