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Urchar Gearr

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This was definitely something...

Loved this one! 

Honestly super creepy, and was awesome!!

Honestly really liked it,super creepy!

Honestly kinda liked it, IK its supposed to be for a shitty game jam, but still had fun with it!

Honestly a super cool game! It creeped me out and gave me a few good spooks, can't wait to play some of your other stuff

Oh the noise was fine! It made it a better experience that I wasnt expecting haha

I played the early version with no sound and the jumpscare, it got me good, and tbh I did enjoy it alot!

Honestly one of the funniest games I've played in awhile.

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Didn't beat the game, but I still had so much fun, I haven't seen a game like this before lol

Fun little game lol

Pretty interesting lol, tbh didn't know this was based off a show til after

Pretty awesome game! I got 3 of the endings, sure I missed some stuff, but still had so much fun!

Of course! Hope to see the full thing soon!

Creepy,and awesome!

Honestly loved the game! It got me good definitely 

Very weird... I like it.

Pretty creepy, did enjoy it alot! Only thing I'd reccomend is the man's walking, like make it slower, but not like an energy thing, I think it could work better in the end!

This was, something....

I did like the game overall! A bit frustrating at times

Honestly overall, I really loved the game, from the atmosphere to the mechanics, I just loved it.

I will say the ending caught me off guard, and was kinda difficult, but overall cool!

Short and fun!


Pretty odd, but fun

Short n to the point, loved it!

Everything about the game was so cool!

I think my favorite parts was using the flashlight to look around, instead of a fixed view, and the teleporting with the flashlight!

Short and to the point, loved it.

I mean it is a game about cows, so you aren't wrong

Pretty weird, I like it!

Loved it!!! Super creepy and just amazing!

Loved it, super creepy and just amazing!

Weird n silly game, loved it!

Definitely interesting to say the least lol

Honestly one of my favorite games I've played in months!

Loved it! Did get confused in some spots, and the parkour for the castle was tricky,but i did enjoy myself a ton!

Pretty fun game!

Honestly really enjoyed it!

Another awesome game! ima buy em all at this point lol

Pretty interesting!

Loved it!

Got one of the endings, loved the game tho!!!