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Urchar Gearr

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Interesting, weird and fun!

Honestly, a weird game, but had alot of fun!

Creeped me out, loved it!

So damn creepy, I loved it!!!

Loved it!!!

NGL, when I played the first one, was confused but loved it. But after recording almost all the games, and releasing #3, I love this whole series, probably one of the best comedy horror game series I've ever played!

Super creepy, I loved it!!!!

Super creepy, I loved it!!!

Loved it!!!!

Honestly, I loved this, don't think I've played a game like this ever. Great job!

Honestly love these games. Plan to play the rest of them by the end of the year!

I liked the game!(I will say the helicopter noises were a bit much, and felt like it was coming straight at you, if you ever go back to fix it, it might be helpful to add some reverb to it, and some eq to make it sound more full, and more natural!)

One of my favorite indie games I've played this year!

The graphics/gameplay reminded me of old n64/gamecube games I used to play all the time, and it being controller compatible (plus the controls working very smooth and easy) made it an enjoyable experience!

Much luv!

Honestly had alot of fun playing this!

Had alot of fun with it!

Creepy, loved it!!!

Loved it!!!!

Weird, but cool

Honestly loved it!

Creepy, I loved it!

Short yet really fun game, nice job!

Had some fun with this!

Loved it!

weird, but liked it!

Creepy n short, loved it!

I gave it a good shot, but it seems impossible, and it feels like it goes on forever due to the slow speeds.

Honestly loved it, short and fun, definitely spooky

This was insanely scary!

I will say personally I'm not a huge fan of the night vision/battery replacement personally, and would've rather had a flashlight, and the voice acting could be mixed and polished a tiny bit(I'm an audio person/producer so it's something I noticed,and would be down to help if needed!), but still a creepy experience!

Loved the game! Super fun n creepy!

Loved it!!!

Had fun playing this, it was a bit funny then it got me at the end lol

Did not realize there was more endings until I edited and uploaded the vid. but still had fun!

Creepy,  but interesting!

Loved it!

Not bad! A bit of a challenge at times, but cool!

Not super bad. Liked your game  Happyland more than this, but was still a good play! Just seemed a bit repetitive for me lol

Pretty interesting!

Definitely interesting. better than 2 or 3 for me tbh.

Loved it!