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Urchar Gearr

A member registered Jan 14, 2020

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Cute and fun game!

This was , something

LOVED THE GAME!!! The idea of a sound based horror game like this is the best. Also found out where that one creepy song came from, cus I've heard it before (I put it in the video, cus I'm a huge music nerd,The source I found on YT says it's from 4/9/1860), and actually knew someone who has a recording of it on the super old records. Can't wait for the full game!

Good game! For some reason the controls for balancing and grabbing ledges was weird for me and wouldnt work sometimes, but overall loved the whole style and feel of the game!

Pretty interesting game!!! I thought it was an early version, id love to see more!!

I've played a few of your games before, honestly this is my favorite out of the batch, good job man!

I've never been so confused ever. This is the most interesting game to exist and it has been stuck in my head for days. 10/10

Fun game! cant wait to see more from ya!

So much fun! controls with bouncing were weird, but was awesome overall!

Super cool game, wish YT didnt copyright  part of the vid for the song, but good game!

Loved the game!

Good game! I loved it

Loved the game!

I loved it! Controls were a bit weird but it was fun!

Loved this!


Loved this game so much!

So confusing,yet fun.

So creepy,confusing,yet entertaining.

Interesting, could see this going farther !

So creepy, I loved it!

Pretty good!

Good game! Spooky af and fun!

Good game!

Loved it!!!


Fun game I loved it!

Loved this!

Loved the game!

Bit confusing at some times,  but i loved the whole thing!

Amazing , great job!

Loved the game, it did bug out at one point but still spooked me alot!

Finally posted the last part , loved the whole game!

I loved this game so much, its awesome! Definately doing another video on this soon

Loved the game!

Such a fun game, great job!

Loved the game man, congrats!

Loved it! super creepy and odd,just  my style haha

I don't know why sonic suggested this game to me, but i'm glad he did.

i loved it!!!! Hope you make this into a full game later on