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In Gen 2 pokemon the game attempts to prevent itself from loading invalid sprites, which in practice means that glitch pokemon take the appearance as a jumbled collection of whatever tileset was last loaded... Of course you can understand, right ?

Somehow kept enthralled for about 10 minutes. what have you DONE???

I was really hoping that the men that caught fire could spread it to others so you could make everyone die in agonizing pain

I shared this with some people in a discord server for Creatures, which is another biology simulation-and-toy, and they are loving it... As someone with a passionate interest in virtual life I adore projects such as these

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this was admittedly very hard to parse, but neat. Examining media about healing and recovering through a brainweird lens always turns out really cool

simple n sweet <3

i havent played this yet but considering you told me there will be dicks i am afraid

the concept was cute, but there wasn't much to do, and the game restarted when i fed my pet when it was fully grown... i don't know if that was intentional!

i had a devoted fox named itemeche but it died because i was trying to get it to go to school :(

i think i'll make it a character bc it gave me a toy and gifts... poor foxy

oddly enough, i died 333 times by the time i finished :O