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Upgraded Wiener Entertainment

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Thank you for the art magician. Much Appreciated.

this looks amazing wish i'd seen this for building my gam

Dude i really enjoyed where each of the stories were going. well done.
Error with Morpheus character standing outside classes at night.
looks like Image doesn't load. otherwise great work.
look forward to more.

Well looks like someone has been very hard at work.
question what engine you build this in

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A lot has been added and changed in the almost year since I created this page.
I mean the world shut down that was a thing. and although a lot of people got to spend more time at home i was not one of them.
so it hasn't been the most productive time. However I'm still cracking.
so awesome like things that i have built in have changed a bit of the game flow and i feel it's better for it.
there are no multiple activities to do across the town.
Still in Development and going strong.

And something special for coming to read this:
some of the current map this is about half of the places you can visit at the moment.

this looks like an awesomely cool project keep it up

New story is line is good. keep up the good work

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This Game is under active development however I am not a full time developer so please know that I'm working on this as quickly as i can. I do have a full time job and life so I don't always get as much time as I would like to invest in this. i promise to keep you all up to date with progress reports and updates when I can. just know this will never be cancelled.

I'd Love to here from you. so feel free to ask any questions or give me idea's and feed back. it'll will go along way to helping me with motivation and focus on this project.