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interesting game it like a  outlast  and resident evil mix together

GOT ME SPOOK. short game but great

great short game. 

first time play analog horror game. give me goosebumps

this game got me good.  interesting game

 interesting game. a lot of bizarre character.

quite a game it like a resident evil or silent hill vibe and im quite curious about who the girl on middle of the road and a kaiju starro thingy

this game is very uncomfortable  for me because a lot of reason. and it quite fun to do mortuary job it like a simulation but with a entities is bothering me at the same time. 

interest game. best game i can riding bike on left lane

interesting game quite short and easy to understand game

very unique game it restore my eye

here the commentary gameplay.   very cute game and sinister. like the art style

this game is sus and great 

great game. it felt like resident evil game without a gun.

great game. it bizarre game. horror comedy theme. and last it the sus just like the creator of the game

damn this game is mess up 

"I did not expect that" 

damn this game is sus as hell 

an interesting story about slide 

what a Beautiful scenery for a horror game. and it got me spook real good.

even this game does have a chase sequence it make me startle

it very disturbing game 

Hello dev how many level they are?