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As someone seeking creative inspiration particularly for visual novels, and struggling to embrace writing and art after a fair lengthy dry spell, I was immediately drawn in by the protagonist's frustrations. This was really well done and quite sweet. :) The voice actors were perfect for their characters and I found myself quite enamoured with Azreal, hehe. His cheekiness made him endearing and perplexing - I was never sure of his motives. 

The lore you added regarding demons and angels, the horoscope tattoos, pacts, etc. was quite unique also. I'm sure there's a lot of symbolism you've hidden in there. Religious/mythological themes are universal, a fantastic realm to experiment in, and I think you did a great job. I could feel that it was something deeply personal to you.

I've really enjoyed what I explored so far. ^_^ I still need to undergo the Angelo route! You have me most curious.

I'm looking forward to checking out your other efforts! 

P.S. Your art style is really cute and distinct. :3

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Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed what you've released so far. The scope of your efforts was certainly not lost on me. Everything looks lovely in the game, from the characters, to the backgrounds, to the GUI, and I thoroughly enjoyed the cliffhangers you left upon the demo's ending. It exceeded my expectations and I look forward to seeing the completed version!

Do take your time. You stated at the end of the demo just how long you've been working on it, and it shows! Rather masterful if I may say so. Is there a way to donate to you in a show of support?

I had to check out your DeviantArt page afterwards and I find your style absolutely captivating. I look forward to seeing what other wonderful creations spill from your head. ^_^

Very inspiring. Thank you.