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does the main character like to eat sushi?

great game, love the characters and the viet history is super interesting. Came for the lewds stayed for the story!!!

Let's be honest, a lot of the people here are only here for a good fap and move on to the next game.

I am always looking for games with either high quality or that have an amazing story and those are exactly the games that deserve a lot of attention, but unfortunately alot of them don't get the attention they deserve.

I sincerely hope that you can continue doing what you love and that people will support your patreon.

honestly one of those very well made games.

I really dislike all of these low effort looking games. They are no fun to play. But this was one of those games that were really different. The image quality is insane and that alone is already a huge enough plus point for me. The character design is also lovely with some pretty unique looking people.

All in all a game that's worth playing

welp with his mother out of the way, when will his sister that has been locked away since birth because of a super misterious superpower, get introduced and how long will it take till we can fuck her?

Some vn authors really are out there giving the mc's the most depressing back stories just for them to turn all the women in a school into sex slaves bruh

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Great game so far, the Setting was introduced in a great way, we definetly get enough information about what is going on and I like that we see the part where he is making his way to uni.

Avis and Koko both look stunning in literally every frame.

The main character looks like a lil bitch to be frank(whats with his hair lol). His clothing in the beginning seem like all of those trash ass shirts from gta, you know these bright in collor that have a huge "bigness" smacked on them,

I really hope new clothing comes with character devolopment

Mommy with green hair check? Mommy with green hair check?Mommy with green hair check?Mommy with green hair check?Mommy with green hair check?Mommy with green hair check?Mommy with green hair check?Mommy with green hair check?Mommy with green hair check?

hands down, one of the best games i've played on here.

The animation is great and not your standart bs. The artworks are incredible and all of that, while reliving higschooldxd. Can it even get bether than this?

It probably will in the next version. Definetly gonna sub to that patreon.

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Edit 1: so you are saying that *insert austrian painter* was a man of culture???

thats unfortunate, I found the eternum reference to be a funny little suprise.

follow the walkthrough. It is very likely that you made the wrong choice somewhere

trying to play in browser, after the game is fully loaded, I'm stuck in the title screen, there is no button to click or anthing

No discord?

I'm not sure if it's only me, but I just downloaded the latest itch version (PC) and the graphics are really not that clear. From what I can see in the itch photos, the images should be of way better quality... In the main screen it says I'm playing version 0.19.4 - Alpha.

There also is no setting for graphics.

so there are no battle mechanics and way to get stronger or battle skills?

can you explain again, what you have to do to make it run on linux. I have linux and no idea what the fuck I'm doing

I love Dice... he is the best frfr

is that Kequing (genshin impact) lol

damn, gonne try it out asap

always disappointing to see such great games don't have a linux version...

the ending killed me haha

definetly a great treat

give them some tits and call them futas, then the whole comment section wouldn't be complaining /s

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kinda messed up man... playing with girls all day and then people dying in the night. Kind of a big contrast but still enjoyable. I'm looking forward to the effect it will have on his mind or if it will even effect him at all

Now I'm about to go shopping with Rei... hopefully she can help the mc out, because the only person in need of new clothes is clearly him...

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First of all, I really enjoy this game. An nice story, a lot of bromance, some action and holy shit dude, fucking the female villain? That's incredible!

But fr, how can you give hi these causal clothes?? What kind of fucking shirt is that, blue with some ugly patterns?? How could you give him something like that when he is on his way to meet Jennika...

This guy could really need a helping hand for his wardrobe, his school uniform would have been better than that

How about a healthbar?

will it release on linux in the future?

that makes sense


how can I update the game. I finished v0.0.7 and don't want to play all over again

looks amazing but not available for linux

So first of, I always opened games by going in the /lib folder then the linux one and click the game there. Even for games that I can run on my pc, I can only open them that way.

I tried to run the .sh file like you instructed, but got the same error notification as before.

That thing I said with ">Is not a district " was a tranlation for the german phrase I get as an answer. The error I get in german is:

bash: cd: Dokumente/VelCensored-pc/ Ist kein Verzeichnis

looks amazing, but not available for linux

I think i did as you instructed, but still got an error ->

bash: cd: Dokumente/VelCensored-pc/lib/linux-x86_64/ Is not a district

the command works just fine without "/". Without that part I am just in the game file. please note that I am a complete beginner and basically have no idea what I am doing right now, also thanks for the reply

How did you run it on Linux?

A short and very fun game

It really is unfortunate, that I can't open any of your games. I am on Linux (Ubuntu) and can't seem to open those files. 

Literally the best game I have played