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nevermind, I found that turning off all the fancy graphic settings fixed the issue. I am sorry for using your time, it was just because my gaming system is weak af.

I tried to take a photo and take a video but neither worked. For now you'll just have to believe my word(you probably shouldn't)

it works perfectly. it actually have better performance than the website. thank you very much now that I can play it offline

Very cool concept

Very cool game despite my lack of gamer skills

no it's my computer's problem(it runs minecraft optimized for fps at around 10 fps)

(1 edit)

I survived for 8 days before it got laggy as hell

EDIT: survived to day 13 and its less laggy

very cool game

would like mac version but I know it's too much work

I will revisit this every month

I love it

this type of games are incredibly fun

the glitch makes the game "shake" varying in severity, it's usually the bees flashing out of existence and then coming back  but some times the map would also "shake" and "flash" 

That helped a lot. Thanks

although the it's still glitchy it's playable and fun

v1.2 for mac is quote

“Hive Time” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

which is why I played v1.1

v1.1's bees kept glitching when my resources are at max so now im waiting for v1.3

It's a good game from what I can tell from v1.1