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blender is used by Disney

then why did i beat thorns a spokeez before i beat milf?

it is rewritten from scratch to run on the Pico-8
fantasy console they made the art themselves too!

We just murdered an innocent man, and we're just gonna skip over that???

Have 1153 blood spend 1000 to buy into 100x bets
I have 153 blood

 I play a 100x bet and lose the first 2 rounds and end up
500 in the negative and I start getting some nerves

win a round and stake the vampire the next
pass the last and win 1300 blood this game is the best

(1 edit)

Is it correct to assume that on all or nothing rounds

You can't pass?
edit: i was right

Thank you I would have dropped this game if I didn't see the pass mechanic in the discription

"tonight we riot is a game about America"
fixed your description