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First and foremost, WOW. I am speechless! Link to the video coming soon :)

I just played this game to upload to my youtube channel in a couple days and I have to say this game is probably one of my favorite short indie games XD You guys make a hilarious team! Thank you for making and sharing this! I am off to make all of my siblings play!

Thank you for responding! I tried but it wouldn't grab on. :(

This game was a ton of fun! Loved the scare in the Demo! I did have issues with the controls working. For some reason LMB wasn't doing anything so I had to stop before reaching the end of the demo :( What I was able to play however was a lot of fun! Keep up the great work!

Oh yeah if you can find it, its well worth a watch. Although the end is a bit of a let down.

Such a cool and creepy concept! It really reminded me a lot of the Netflix movie Jane Doe which was really cool to kind of live in.  I do have to say that the game ran pretty heavy. So I am hoping the next game runs a little lighter, but I am very VERY excited to play it! Keep up the incredible work!

Such a great concept! I can't wait to see where this goes!

I think I need to re-evaluate my life.