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thx for the feed back :) we will learn about that

why did he whanted me not to leave but put a bottom to leave?


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mmm... what?  :)

THX :) that your soul dont get lost in heaven way :) 

he is happy because he know something we dont,  ill tell you but I dont know so... :)

i did :)  , did you find the black hole ?

yeah i played yours yesterday was prety good :) , i still neeed a lot of work in thw game, whanted to add an upgrade system and missions but got no time for that :(

i think it has a high sensivility, if you whant you can ajust it manually or let the player choose , and there is a way to lock the mouse so it let you look free 

i think this game will be in top 20 at lest , it looks so profesional :)

its actually the funiest ive played from the onces i have tried


it looks prety goosd, and that is an amazing skybox , but you should improve controls

That music is beautiful and relaxing

prety funny :) i enjoy it and learn to love them to

that was so fun lol, whan you lern how to use the   shield while fighting it turs so cool, and that final boss fight got me nervous

Maybe it could have been a good idea for me, now is too late for sleeping :(