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this is such a sweet little game! i enjoyed it immensely for the little gametime i could play. however i did have a bit of initial difficulty because i didnt realize that you could use items on yourself at all, and i didn't realize what the wood did. regardless, Fireside does feel homey and cozy, and makes me feel happy :)

for a game you made in less than 2 months, this is pretty good! i'm impressed with the bubbly graphics when selecting a tile, and i enjoy the simple visuals, soundtrack, and setting.

if you were to flesh this out a little bit more with different type of location tiles, more events, and some more detail, i think this could be a very effective game overall!

i hope the rest of your game prototypes over the year go well :)

ah! this solved the issue completely! thank you so much for making a little tutorial and everything, it really helped!!

this looks like a stunning game, but im having issues with starting it up :( whenever i launch the demo, the in-game cursor is there, but as soon as i try to move it, it disappears. is this just me not realizing how to play or is it a bug? :O