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Apparently there's a bug that makes you invisible. When you go in front of the mirror in the bathroom, go into the start screen and try using your key. it will make a message saying "Can't use it here." Without letting that message disappear, go into your start menu again and try using the key again. this interaction interferes with the interaction with the mirror and when Alisa comes off the mirror, it turns her invisible. Don't ask me why, I'm able to do it consistently on my game. you can reverse this by trying to use the key a third time.

Also, if you click on the mirror, you will get the message saying "I don't look so good." Immediately after Alisa comes off the mirror (before the camera pans over), open up the start menu and click on items. spam the back button until that same message passes through. Yes, it will pass through even though you are looking at your items. then hit the action button twice to try using the key. Alisa should be leaning over the mirror. The difference is you can move her around in that pose. You can go through doors and even shoot your gun in that pose.It looks funny by the way. 

There was also something I did with the start menu that let me move around while I was in the menu. I could go through doors and stuff while in the menu. I don't remember how I did that one though, but it again involved the mirror.