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Thank you so much!

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Hello! I played all of the routes and I have to say, Sekheo's route is my favourite because I am a sucker for angsty romance, not to mention the perfect ending is so, so sweet! Solis' perfect ending caught me by surprise because it did not feel fully completed and wrapped up like Sekheo's ending. However, I am a bit confused about Valle's route because it took me a lot of tries to get the perfect ending, so I am wondering if there are any specific choices required to get his perfect ending?

I just played Chapter 2 and I am so hooked on the game! I love the graphics so much, and the characters are so well fleshed out and unique (Wooly is too adorableee). I certainly wasn't expecting that plot twist at the end of Chapter 2 so I will be looking forward to what's in store for the rest of the game!

I am so excited for this new chapter! Thank you for the new update and hope you also take a good rest from time to time to recharge :))

I just played chapter 1 and I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to find out who is the fourth love interest in chapter 2. It also makes me happy to see some Chinese words/elements, particularly towards the end of chapter 1. Can I ask where do you get the inspiration to incorporate eastern elements from?

This demo is great! I love the graphics and I am intrigued with the love interests (is Wooly or Ikemma one of the love interests?) I can't wait to play the full game :))

I absolutely adore this game! I was uncertain at first but so glad I decided to play this. I like all of the characters, but I am glad to be able to customise the MC. I enjoy the black and white aesthetic but I love the coloured CGs too! Perhaps having a coloured CG at the end of each chapter? It has a lovely, finishing touch to it. Can't wait for the rest of the chapters :))

This is really great! I enjoyed it, especially with the disabilities options because I am hard of hearing too :)

That's great! Can't wait for the game, I'm sure it's worth the wait :)

This one looks really cool and I like the art style!! Can't wait for the game to be released :))