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Unknown Anthro

A member registered Apr 24, 2021

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Very good update! This game just keeps getting better and hotter each update

Oh god I just noticed everyone in the page got birthday hats that's so fucking funny

Pretty fun game.

Getting bigger and bigger and getting aroused more and more easily is a pretty hot and fun mechanic.

Also love all the art with the characters. They are all pretty hot.

Can't wait to see his this game evolves, cause so far it's one of the hottest growth games so far!

Found a glitch. On the last part before the demo ends where Ehlly is thinking about all the guys he met in the day, his sprites don't show up properly. Says file not found

Any info on thr public Chapter 1 Part 3?


The story's really interesting and engaging so far. Can't wait for the rest

Already mentioned, but Tok appeared even when he was supposed to be removed

Love the game, but imo the the scene where we forcefully have our way with the naga left a bad taste in my mouth in particular. Think it would be much hotter if the naga would willingly worship US instead because of our higher corruption and seeing us as Master. 

"We will "show mercy" to the beasts of Aris" oh they are gonna commit genocide aren't they

i'm sorry this is all so fucking funny to me it's like looking into the abyss

Thanks for taking your time to answering! And yes, Disabled would be a much better replacement!

So, there's a part in the late chapters where we are teaching Asterion how to use the internet, and he talks about how  he's old. But he also mentions how he doesn't knows if he's old or crippled, along with MC mentioning something about accesibility.
Now the thing is, using the word crippled or variations in the context of disability is a slur, as disabled people have mentioned through the years. So i feel that it would be the best to replace that word with, well, anything else except that one word. 

This is really my only gripe with the game, really, as everything else has been amazing, and sadly i understand this is something not everyone knows. I just hope the word gets replaced with anything else in later builds

Played the latest build and really loved the story and the characters. The only thing i'm a bit worried about is Jude's Dreamcatcher tattoo. Dreamcatchers are very important to various native's people culture, and many see it just randomly using it as appropation. Of course, the full game isn't out or anything, so i just hope this bit is explained or handled in a way that's respectful to native people, and for it to don't feel like appropation.

Besides that, i'm hooked on the story and the characters. Can't wait for the next build.