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Any help or support is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

I see the issue. They are the same version but itchio didn't allow for a patch release. 

I'll post a new update with the recent fixed this month and synchronise the versions

I'll double check but the 2.3 update hit npm first, the syndication sites are always second. 

Just to note, you created the issue / proposal on BitBucket without logging on, so you won't receive notifications on updates :D

Thanks for your query, best way to contact the UI Extensions team is either via Gitter or by positing an issue on the BitBucket page.

But I think the accordion was only originally developed for static sized menu's. Although if you log a proposal, we can get the community to look at it.

I'd stopped getting notifications from Itchio and was pleasantly surprised by all the downloads and contributions to the project.

A huge thanks to all consumers of the project and just to let you know we are working on several upcoming updates:

Current worklist:

New PR's


  • Nicer outline verts variable (poss elevate to base primitive)


  • Request for UI Vertical Scroller to support Horizontal
  • Review Scroll Snaps
  • JSON Instantiation (review sample scene #193)
  • Nesting Scroll Snaps
  • UI Particle System runtime particle changes (sprites #191)
  • Autocomplete  runtime  items update (#204)
  • Check compiler warnings (#197)
  • Line Renderer scaling issue - #179
  • Line Renderer click to add lines (#183)
  • Autocomplete - Check events (#200)
  • Check TextPic  runtime  ImageOffset change (#189)
  • ScrollSnap Swiping options - hard fast swipe (#176)
  • UIVerticalScroller is not laying out children
  • UIVerticalScroller is raising a new warning
  • Check Editor menu optionss using scrollrects for new options (force width/height)



If you have any other demands for controls or suggestions for new items, feel free to jump on the Bitbucket site (or Gitter) and chime in.