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ill update it i  am really busy right now, but ill have more time over the summer

lol yeah

i dont know. try re-running the installer after removing the current one and see if that does anything

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mac, windows, or linux?

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it is still being updated. Slowly right now but once i get more free time it will recieve alot of updates

on mac you cant, on windows, it is an option before you play, sorry

lol. I just checked in the file for mac and there are two files Spec Ops - Arrival Zombies.app and Spec Ops - Arrival.app. (Since i use windows i can go through the .app folder and everything looks right) My only sugestion is to re-download the .zip agin

mac or pc?

i cant because it is greater than the max file size on itch.io

on mac you cant, on windows, it is an option before you play

yeah, on zombies, just click play and move around. There is a crawler on the fllor at the start of every game, so that is probably what killed you. Click controls on the pause menu if you dont know how to play. Also, yeah on zombies it is supposed to make you force quit. It kindof like a if you die, you die thing

on multiplayer or zombies?

no, i will make one

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Because if you have two computers, you can play on your LAN, but if you believe I should change it, I will.

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Not local but online. If you have two computers you can play like that.

To the gore - no, and if you have windows, all you need to do is run an installer. For Mac or Linux, its, in a .zip folder

That video was made in the beta version. It has changed alot. :D


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Yes, I will for sure. Thanks for pointing that out.