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I see insane high potential for this game, but its just waaay too fast with not much of big commitments. I would like to see this game with bit slower movement and attack speeds, and less jump and dash ranges, so even tryhard gameplay will get the same speed as what we seen in the trailer and not spacebar+left click spam while turning the camera every half milisecond trying to catch up with the opponent. Bit less speed and the game can be tactical + the crouch could make sense. I LOVE the artstyle to be honest, and all the characters looking good. I can't wait for more unique characters and new weapons with different speed/range etc. (like for example a spear whats harder to aim cause its a poke attack but big range big damage and good speed, big sword with slower speed but same horizontal slash so EZ to land hit but bit slower etc.), i hope this stays as a melee game tho. I wish best of luck for the dev(s). I want to see more of this game in the future

what engine are you using?

what engine are you using:?

THX for answer Dev(s)!

OH MY GOD! This game looks AWSOME. I loved the style of medievil games, and i think it has the same style, so this is why i love this one too. I don't say, its a copy, i say, the medievil fans will instant get the collector's editon. I didn't play this for a long, cause I couldn't afford for myself, to don't take a comment. I'm just faced with the first boss, and i wanna ask, is this demo is playable just till i kill the 1st boss, or this will be continue like i could see in the trailer?-sry for my English-that's not my motherlanguage so...Pleased to wait for answer Dev(s). You did awsome work! -in the end i want to have a word for the optimalization-it's awsome. The time when i play nvidia gt 840m everything in 800x600 30fps, it could do many times 720p 100% resultion scale 45/60fps! Awsome work-again!

i like the artstyle and gameplay, BUT i don't know why but the jumping button is wtf for me, sometimes it doesn't work and the system configuration? i have got a dedicated video card and in nvidia inspector i switch from integrated to dedicated card to this game too-dunno why it started with intel hd have got intel i5 inside 4k generaion, 4 gb ram-don't say a 2d pixel game needs more and an nvidia geforce 840M-what coud run much more beautifull games from Doom-in 720p but it was 30-40fps and Assassin's creed Unity so...i don't understand the 30-40fps in gameplay and after every start 10-20fps in the beginning after i launched for nearly 1 minute

So the game will be really good...and i found the estus flask--damn i'm a dark souls fan xD