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Emperatriz Ung

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Thank you for playing! It was great meeting you all last week at GDoC. Hope to see you around at another NYC event. Music is by Marwan Ramen

Thanks so much for stopping by to chat & play Operation Kanshi at GDoCExpo the other day! We really appreciate it! <3

Thank you for playing Emma! 

Link to final project. (Gameplay video & screenshots there.)

The prompt: "Finally, a small smile showed on the usually emotionless person."

The idea for Into the Storm was to have a player character that was sad or in pain and in search of warmth or happiness. Some original brainstorms included a silhouette that was sluggish. I wanted to abstract the emotion of sadness or depression for simplicity and decided that the enemy should be a storm cloud. Some inspiration included Inside Out (2015), Inner Workings (2016), Every Day the Same Dream, Zoloft commercials, and poetry by H.D. I had wanted the setting to feel broken or like it was falling apart.

It was wonderful to brainstorm and experiment with different ways to express the prompt, especially because it felt very much in the realm of subject matter I typically tackle in my creative work. I particularly enjoyed working on this character that didn’t have a full body, even though it was challenging. Without a visual design background, it was difficult to get the entire scene to look cohesive and I struggled to draw. I wish I had an opportunity to spend time on the game mechanics, level design, and audio. I think changes to those elements paired with the visuals made for the class would have better communicated the prompt.


Update of the mock-up. 


Link to uploaded Sound Toy on

Link to uploaded Sound Toy on with revisions. Changes to characters are based on class feedback from 10/29.

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Emperatriz Ung -

Emperatriz -

Emperatriz Ung

normal walk cycle:

sneaky walk cycle (final):

sneaky walk cycle (first version...):

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Emperatriz Ung - normal walk cycle update 10/14 

Emperatriz Ung - normal walk cycle update (with arms!)

Emperatriz Ung - normal walk cycle update (still no arms)

Emperatriz Ung - normal walk cycle (no arms yet...)

Emperatriz Ung

Emperatriz Ung - Key Frames

Emperatriz Ung - Homework 4

No expressions yet.

Emperatriz Ung

Emperatriz Ung

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Emperatriz Ung - 5 sec animation

Final Version:

Ung - 5 Sec Animation

Older Version (with arm problem):

Emperatriz Ung - HW1


  1. Person A begins walking away. Person Bis reaching out.
  2. Person A continues walking away. Person B begins to lower arm.
  3. Person A continues walking away. Person B begins to bring arms to face.
  4. Person A continues walking away. Person B brings arms to face.
  5. Person A continues walking away. Person B begins to cry.
  6. Person A continues walking away. Person B cries.

Panel Transitions

  • 1-2: moment to moment
  • 2-3: action to action
  • 3-4: moment to moment
  • 4-5: action to action
  • 5-6: moment to moment