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I didn't get the game. but then again I'm stupid. I do believe this has potential though. Keep up the good work!

I'll Type However The F*ck I Want

i know

You Know A Game Is Good When You Get So Scared You Have To Quit At 2 In The Afternoon With 5 People Next To You. I Lasted Until The "Look Out Your Window Part" Cause I Have A Window Right Next To My Desk And Someone Threw A Stick At It Earlier Today. 

Great Game Bro! In This Sentence I Actually Understood Most Of The References, "Who knows what would happen if you weren't there for him? Would he destroy the city? Gossip about his neighbor? Fight crime? Revive a dead loved one?" I Feel Like Most Won't Get The Revive A Dead Loved One Part. The Only One I Haven't Already Gotten That You Mentioned In That Sentence Is Destroy The City And Now That Is My Mission. Here's A List Of My Endings: Good Interview, No Food, No Clothes,  "Died", Ran Away, Blamed Rachel, Had Amnesia, Gossip, Helped Harry, Rachel Escapes. 

I Found What I'm Gonna Guess Is A Bug. If You Exit A Area And Re-Enter It Resets The Area Like You've Never Been There. This Allows You To Infinitely Farm Bags Of Blood Oranges In The Beginning Of The Game. 

Finally got the game to work. occasionally ill press buttons and it'll lag and began moving on its own and not letting me do stuff.


I'm Guessing Your On Linux?

Hey guys sorry for not updating. Internet Completely Went For Like A Week.

I cant even play it doesn't work for computer. Aw dang it. I've been eyeing this for a while too D: