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While the pregens are based on the Undercover Agents and Unwitting Investigators, the information presented in the base zine is for the GM. So when you’re playing Triangle Agency, your players will have to contend with those Unwitting Investigators, some of which may be connected to their player characters in some manner (regardless of whether or not they’re using a pregen). So the relationship hooks listed for those characters assumes you’re using them as NPCs while playing TA. 

Love to hear it! Winter's Daughter was something I had on my desk to review while I was writing this, so it's a great point of connection.

In general, I typically like to leave this up to a "play to find out" style of resolution. Surely your players can come up with a clever idea! 

However, I know that's unsatisfying, so here's a few ways worth considering:

  • The most obvious is for the PCs to take the place of the townsfolk. The Merrymakers are really only looking for "entertaining guests" to bring to the wedding. If the PCs prove themselves sufficiently entertaining, whatever that may mean to a fae, then there would be no real need to snag additional townsfolk. 
  • You could also just straight up wreck the portal. That'd probably piss off the Merrymakers, but the PCs may be able to negotiate their way out of a fight. Or maybe the Merrymakers just scatter at that point to attempt to find another way back into the faerie realm, rather than risk getting stuck.
  • The Ringmaster is also supposed to be super hot, so maybe y'all can just fall in love.
  • There's also the classic of "burn everything down". Creating a sufficiently large incident would work to frighten the townsfolk away from the carnival and snap them out of the alluring enchantments.

I’ll flag it for our editor. Appreciate the heads up!

Yeah, sure. That’s fine by me. 

Thank you! There's a hyperlink above that takes you to the DriveThru page, but I should have probably made that a bit more explicit.

Excited to finally see this come to fruition after seeing the hints to its existence!

If you end up falling short of funding goals (however unlikely), I’d be more than happy to do layout free of charge, if you have no interest in doing it yourself. Goblin Archives and I are teaming up for the next “official” Liminal Horror adventure, so I’m already buried in that mindset. 

This is exactly the type of adventure I love running with Electric Bastionland. Well done!

Just a quick heads up, it looks like the Bandcamp link brings you to Shifting City instead of AZAG directly. It’s easy enough to find, but I figured a warning was warranted. 

This fuuuucks. I would draw comparison to what I imagine are its influences, but I don't think that does this justice. I instantly want to run this just by flipping through the pages of the PDF. Can't wait for the printed version to come. Well done!

I’m leaning towards a “bone” coloring, with a tasteful thickness and a bit of smooth matte finish instead of a textured paper.

The layout on this is fantastic!

This has some of the coolest looking character sheets I've ever seen. Well done!

Thank you!

Oh my god, I love this.

This is one of the most well developed takes on 24XX that I’ve come across (and I took place in the game jam haha). The subtle changes to the base system seem right in line with the aesthetic you were aiming for. Well done!

Hey, just a quick heads up. It looks like the entry area for "Notes" is broken on the form-fillable character sheet, at least on my end. You can enter text, but it looks like it's only allowing me to enter a single line. Other than that, everything else seems to work as intended. 

This is good. This is very good. Well done!

Those are definitely things I plan on getting out in the future (possibly as soon as this weekend). The adventure was initially conceived for a game jam, and I ran out of time to get the extras that I planned on making out by the deadline. 

I really adore the "adjective noun who verbs" style of character creation, so I'm very excited to see another system using a similar format. I look forward to seeing where this ends up!

Graves Left Wanting is a fantastic adventure that really shines as a one-shot or campaign starter (or I suppose a campaign re-starter). This supplement is a great lead in, especially combined with the Scumbirther and Scumatorium character generators, which honestly makes me question why something like this wasn't included from the start. I'll definitely be using it next time I run the adventure. 

Something breaks in my brain a little bit when I see Mörk Borg content and immediately think of it as "cute". Nevertheless, I am a big fan of both Mörk Borg and the mini zine format, and this is a fantastic example of both. 

This is delightful. I love having bastardous NPCs to toss into an adventure. 

This is a really cool idea. I'm curious to see how it would play out in a session. One thing to note is that the way the PDF is formatted, printing this as intended would be pretty difficult without manually breaking the doc up in editing software. It might be easier just to have two separate pamphlet files.

Orbital Decay takes the cake for my favorite 2400 variant at this point. The condensed nature of the setting and enemy behaviors are great and definitely make this much more "instantly playable".