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The game is a  lot of fun! I played for a few hours :)

One thing, make it so when you want to upgrade chairs/tables/etc you can place the new ones over the old ones and keep the contents of the table intact.  Just a nice quality of life feature for me :)

Overall, great work! Plays great.

Thank you Kronbits! Are you the developer?

Also wondering if it is possible to export renders as individual images frame by frame so I can use my tools to repack them in an already existing format. Otherwise, I guess another solution would be to export as gif and use some piece of software to break it down, but thats means another step and another tool lol.

Thanks, the software is true awesome! :)


Just wondering, if I render something, do I own the render? I would like to be able to create my own effects and use them in a commercial game or to share with friends.  What is your stance and policy on distribution of rendered works through your software?

Thanks bunches!


What is the license for these files?

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What is the license for these files? Please update with information so we know :)

Thank you! Wonderful tile set btw!