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Hey there! I figured out what was causing it and I patched it in the new 1.4.1 update which is ready now! Sorry about the inconvinience!

Hey there! I'm sorry about the bug, I just added a fix to it about a minute ago!

I plan on getting more people involved with the game since its just me doing all the work, so I can turn this into a full fledged game!

I just fixed it about 1 minute ago! Thanks for letting me know, it wasnt happening on my end so it was tricky to replicate.

Sorry to hear that! a minute ago I just updated the game with a fix to that. Thanks for playing!

Try updating your GPU Drivers

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Dev Update:

Thanks to everyone being patient while I update the game, I am aware of some bugs and working hard to get things fixed!

I am also working on a Checkpoint system, its just kinda complicated and not ready in this update.

In the meantime I can only push small updates for minor gameplay advantages and thus may not get to some bugs right away.

I am currently trying to make the current story even longer with many more endings and mechanics as well so I dont want to take too long but also dont want to rush this.

If you run it as an .exe and you get an error or it crashes, Please update your NVIDIA Drivers as out-dated Drivers wont be able to handle the d3d file and you will notice the game crashes after the intro splash screen.


i did, there is a big "Credits" button on the main menu ^^

hey there! I saw your vid and fixed those bugs! Update to v1.3.1 for the hotfix. I got rid of the scope since no matter what I did, it would not cooporate

its an original for this game, its called "subcontious" and its free to download on the Gamejolt page for this game!

Its available to download on Gaemjolt for free!

My friend, me and him make the music for our projects

Hey thanks for playing! I will see about changing things, the "filter" is something that I prefer to stay as is though as thats kinda my style with these games. But I will look into creating a setting to control the amount

Hey there! I just updated the game, check out the devlog!

You are pretty funny!

Loved your commentary!

Nice vid!

ah yes, kill meeeeeeeeee I will look into adding such features right away!

I will look into it right away

between 25-60 minutes, depends on what you do! Might be faster or longer. But it took me 30 minutes or so