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amazing game and an amazing finale to twr.

amazing game so far. can't wait to see what it becomes!

ah i see. i found out because the browser version i had loaded just suddenly stopped working when i opened up my laptop, so i reloaded, and it was gone. 

is it just me or did the web version just cease to exist?

came back to this game after a long time and right now i'm basically spamming boost to see how high the numbers can go. so far i'm at around 7.9e+28

thanks! was bothering me that the least valuable one was the most expensive in later upgrades 

took a break for a couple months and then rediscovered this game. scrolled down in the comments and found out you can skip lowering taxes. new personal record! :D

extremely questionable pricing.



lvl 3,848

it worked! thanks!

no idea what that is.

great game, but uh... i clicked out of my window and came back, the game was froze  so i reloaded and it reset all my progress and i have lost the ability to make money (aside from gold coins and the money upgrades for some reason). slots doesn't work, clicking doesn't work, money per second doesn't work, all that... i feel like their should be a clear save button somewhere because every time i reload to try to fix it, it's still in the broken state,

also when it happened i'm pretty sure the item didn't give me money. it just disappeared.

unfortunately, the the game didn't save when my laptop died (not sure if there ever was a save feature or anything. if there was, it didn't work for some reason ._.). but it might have had something to do with the blacksmith. but might i suggest making the selling click and drag to an area in the blacksmith window? 

i didn't reload but it fixed itself. also, whenever i try to equip a new weapon, it keeps deleting my previous one.

there's a possibility that there's supposed to be a decimal somewhere but it got cut off if there is

amazing game but i have encountered a small glitch (does not affect the game in any way but it's still weird)

i filled the entire grid and it was incredibly satisfying. i did it without realizing there are upgrades because i have to zoom out to see em ._.

no problem.

changed my mind. i'm only at 1mil so far. i'm just gonna end it when i get to 2mil.

i will abduct the entire human race. i'm only around 51/160000 of the way there, but i have literally all day plus tomorrow.

took me 4 or 5 tries. only 2 (including this one) had me reaching the king.

the game: what do you think is the best defense against supernatural entities? 

me: closing the tab. *closes the tab*

amazing game. and for anyone wondering, the battery is in the mac and cheese.

dunno but a good chunk of it was done afk

had to close the game due to it lagging my entire laptop but here are my final numbers.

lol i crashed my game by trying to switch to a farm tab

forgot to close my chromebook overnight. uh. yes.

i am at a point where the sheer number of mushrooms per second and stuff is starting to lag my game +-+

but the thing is... i'm gonna keep going until the numbers reach a limit. or until i get bored, which is unlikely.

5 stars no further explanation needed

found a way to cheat death if you blow yourself up. switch characters and you'll be alive again.

i beat the game! :D 5 stars

beat the game in 3 days, 19 hours, 41 seconds, and 773 milliseconds. 5 stars!

lmao great game

small bug: you can pretty easily get stuck inside doors when going up/north.

great game. only died 3 times.