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fun fact: there’s a 1 in ~9x10^21939 chance of getting a perfect run. and if it was, say, the entirety of king lear… it’d be a 1 in ~2.1x10^230864 chance. fun. that’s over 11 times the itch io comment character limit.

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guh i came back to this game over 2 years later and realized by reading the text below the game that it's really 1/34 and it's 14326 characters long. using a bit of maaaath that's... 1 in a really big number that rounds to a 9 with 21939 zeroes. i wanted to put the whole number but it exceeds the character limit of 20,480 lol

it probably takes a ton of ghosts, this happened over a year ago so i don't remember much abt it

got reckless to the SAME BOSS and died in room 250. at least that's a new personal record. had nukes with a very very high fire rate and some bees and one drunk item. and bullet canister. it was a fast screenshot due to how fast it was fading to black so i couldn't get the whole thing. had 82 coins.

got reckless and died to teleporting skeleton boss in room 130. sad.

rediscovered this and apparently it's been 2 years since i last played. time to shatter my (recorded) record of 204 (probably more because i couldn't record my final record due to my last chromebook's screen dying) because this time i will CHARGE my (slightly newer) chromebook and make sure to give it breaks. wish me luck and good luck to everyone else too.

i see. and i'm assuming drinking it causes it do give you poison, burning, etc.. ngl i'll probably never see that potion again because i died and i was really deep in (forgot to record how far)
wait is there a way to tell how deep your past runs were?

shortly after consuming this, i proceeded to consume a potion with the exact same effects. recorded the start and end hp 156->118. it did a lot less damage than i remembered the pendant doing (i was probably down more hp than i thought). only did 38.

fun fact: this exists. and it's actually possible to survive. you just need... a LOT of health... the effects deal a lot of damage.

i was down like a little bit of hp before using it. afterwards? 

progress update (haven't had it open much so it's probably gonna a couple years to complete this challenge ngl):

progress update: figured out i get ~66.6(repeating) magnets per second. calculated that it'll take ~499998265194 more magnets (from when i last checked). so to max out buy special, it would take about... uh... just under 238 days more. of online time.

and yes these calculations are done using data while speed up is on. so without speed up it'd take over a year.

but also this is not taking into account the fact that you get magnets when the special towers merge because the rate at which i gain special blocks is so small that it's not significant enough to affect the data. 

for no reason in particular i got over 1000 DOGPOWER(tm). any time the other dog moves it moves at literal lightspeed but it can't pass through objects so it just runs into walls every wall imaginable.

i accidentally upgraded base rank. back to the beginning ig :P

on my quest to max out everything i realized that in order to max out gain mult., you have to leave the base rank upgrade alone because of how many potential combinations of blocks it skips. so uh. i'm doin that. this has taken an unimaginable amount of time so far. i am indeed a madman.

i'm on a quest to max out everything but it bothers me that under special stats there are 2 towers that just don't exist... great game btw, 10/10

cool. i kind of closed the tab due to it lagging me but when i get home later i’m gonna figure out which one is the real one

just wondering, is this level possible? if it is, i'm gonna try every single green block until i win

from the title screen i have found that the full title is “the game that attempts to compensate for poor game design with an exceedingly long title instead only to find that at some point the software that inputs the title just cuts you o”

i think it’s absolutely hilarious that the title got cut off as it was saying that it would get cut off

gg. is a very nice game.

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i am in fact gaining xp. and right before i saw your reply to my comment i did go out of and back into the rpg which did fix my health (and decreased my dps a bit, i think it got increased when my health did that.)

edit: i thought i was gaining xp. i'm not. i think i was gaining it when my health was bugged but stopped as soon as i fixed it.

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um... i don't know what happened... all i did was upgrade punch through. might have something to do with the fact that it's been grinding exp for weeks except the level cap existed or something like that, idk.

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amazing game, love the challenges. 

i have run into a bug of some sort that i was hoping you could figure out... so i have this:

and when i use the shatter on the frozen dude, my game just freezes (ironically). i end up having to reload and if i continue i go back to the previous screen before i shattered

i am indeed trying to break the game. i'm upgrading the cylinder and so far i've done it 177 times which is 0.001x2^177 which is a very very large number. game doesn't appear to be lagging so far. if i remember to do so i'll give an update when i reach 1000 upgrades 

i've found that the more you harvest a specific coral, the more shards that coral yields

thought i'd point out a bug. when you try to select white as a background color it makes the background black

never mind, i blew up my house again so i'm giving up this is too time consuming

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my next goal is 1 week worth of speed (604800 seconds)

after i recover from my game reloading for no reason whatsoever

correction: after i recover from my laptop dying when i was halfway to where i was originally

accidentally destroyed my house i'm starting over... again. i have not lost any motivation but i am mildly annoyed

(this is exactly 1 day's worth of speed. i included my stats just in case someone wanted to see what it took.)

just wondering, how are enemy levels calculated? so far the highest level normal enemy has been 133 (i'm grinding so i can have 1 day's worth of super speed)

glad that the goal was to break physics because i was gonna try to do that anyways lol

i have experienced greatness

that was amazing and adorable

just played a bit to find out, you need multiple types of spices together

good question. can’t remember since it was over a year ago but you’ll probably eventually get it if you just keep playing

i love the lil time travelling easter egg

part of it is. not all of it tho.

i've been having this problem too. wish i knew how to fix it.

epik. shame i have no clue on how poker works.