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I finally got it to work!!, I must've extracted the file wrong or something.

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I tried it and it didn't work, which is kinda weird. I'll just try and see what will happen if i extract the stuff from the RAR file again. I really do hope that it will work.

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I can't seem to play it/run it on my laptop because it will keep saying "Cannot open Anoutcry file" everytime i click on the application for it, what does that mean?

I absolutely loved playing this game, I loved the story, the characters and everything else that was in this wonderful game!

I'm definitely giving this game 5 stars because it was amazing!

I'm super excited for Chapter 2 of "Doll Eye"!!!

I do hope this'll run on my psp.

This looks pretty spooky

Alright, I hope the price for the game won't be expensive.

Will this game be free or will people have to pay for it...?

I hope that this will be awesome!

I just sent you a message on Twitter


Sure, i'll follow you on twitter

You're welcome 😊

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Alright, I will definitely try and record myself today, playing this game for a YouTube video.

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Alright, i can wait a few hours to play the updated version!

Btw, i think this game looks amazing and i hope to be able to play the other episodes that this game will have to offer!

I would love to record myself playing this amazing game for a YouTube video!

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I would love to record myself playing this for a YouTube video!

Plus, i love playing PlayStation-1 Styled games!

I would love to play this whenever a demo is made!

Okay, I'll check it out

Where are the screenshots....?

This game looks very unique and interesting, I'm definitely going to enjoy playing this! 

You're welcome, I hope that the full game will be awesome!!!

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I wanna play the full game, the demo was very unique and amazing, keep up the good work, Toasty Team!

I'd rate the demo of " Toasty" a 1000/10!

This'll be awesome, i can tell!

I hope you do your best to finish this, i believe in you, Danny Judas!


This looks amazing!

I'm definitely gonna play this, It's super awesome!

This game is awesome, I'll definitely play this as soon as I can!



I'll definitely play this for YouTube! 

I'm definitely going to play this when I can!