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This looks pretty spooky

Alright, I hope the price for the game won't be expensive.

Will this game be free or will people have to pay for it...?

I hope that this will be awesome!

I just sent you a message on Twitter


Sure, i'll follow you on twitter

You're welcome šŸ˜Š

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Alright, I will definitely try and record myself today, playing this game for a YouTube video.

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Alright, i can wait a few hours to play the updated version!

Btw, i think this game looks amazing and i hope to be able to play the other episodes that this game will have to offer!

I would love to record myself playing this amazing game for a YouTube video!

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I would love to record myself playing this for a YouTube video!

Plus, i love playing PlayStation-1 Styled games!

I would love to play this whenever a demo is made!

Okay, I'll check it out

Where are the screenshots....?

This game looks very unique and interesting, I'm definitely going to enjoy playing this! 

You're welcome, I hope that the full game will be awesome!!!

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I wanna play the full game, the demo was very unique and amazing, keep up the good work, Toasty Team!

I'd rate the demo of " Toasty" a 1000/10!

This'll be awesome, i can tell!

I hope you do your best to finish this, i believe in you, Danny Judas!


This looks amazing!

I'll definitely read this!

I'm definitely gonna play this, It's super awesome!

This game is awesome, I'll definitely play this as soon as I can!



I'll definitely play this for YouTube! 

I'm definitely going to play this when I can!


You're welcome


Cool mod

You're welcome

This is a great horror game!, I'll definitely play this for a video on my YouTube channel!