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yay! ao happy we have an update- and it's super awesome too!! thanks nacho sama! can't wait for the next update!!

interesting game!! nice jumpscare at the end and nice build at the beginning- very creepy!

this game was so much fun!! i actually downloaded it like a year ago, so i'm glad i finally got the chance to play!! also the voices were awesome!! thanks KenForest!! 

this game was loads of fun!! super funny and super scary!! sadly couldn't manage to beat it though... :''') can't wait to play the second game!! thanks RenderPi!!

very haunting atmosphere!! loved that the scariest part of this game was the general vibe, rather than any jumpscares-  similar to how it would probably  be in real life if anyone were to explore an abandoned/shut down building!! thanks scary cube!!

this game was so much fun!! i love games with multiple ending and you REALLY delivered here, giving us SEVEN?! love that, which every dev did that lol. keep up the awesome work and thanks for such a fun game grainwood!! 

had lots of fun microwaving things haha. the videos were also a neat element to the story as well!! thanks so much serious daniel!!

this game was so much fun omg. i'd totally pay for a longer version where we get to make more burgers but also encounter a lot of jumpscares lol. maybe even ghosts from burgers past? get it? thanks for an awesome game shoft!!

this game was so much fun haha, i'm glad i finally got the chance to play it!! i had been wanting to play and make a video on it since it came out!!  Thanks golden cat studios!!

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awesome game!! i just wish it was easier to replay the ending with the mimic after dying haha. the map was super helpful and the jumpscares were awesome! it was also super creepy running into multiple people on the roads lol. thanks gemezl!!

edit: spelling lol 

awesome game!! you're going places kid!! also thank you!!

interesting game!! thanks mckruasan!! 

the jumpscares were super awesome and felt very immersive, but i wish stuff happened a bit quicker? it sort of felt like i was just waiting for things to happen... also i think i might've somehow missed part of the game? which could totally be my fault, i just was confused at multiple times throughout the game. can't wait for the full version though!!


if i read the descriptions of games, i'd have realized a lot of things about this game lol. it was awesome!! i had a ton of fun and 1000% loved that there were checkpoints and that we could run fast. thanks L3x!! 

of course!!and thank you!! keep making awesome games!! 

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this game was a ton of fun!! i super appreciated it's simplicity and having objectives lol.  thank you for an awesome game leha :))

edit: saw you added a map!! i didn't get to play the updated version, but i'm glad you added a map!! lol

omg there were scares, yes, but the ending got really sad and deep :(( would love a prequel and a sequel to this story, cause it's a really interesting and humanizing concept!! thanks dead possum games!! 

very interesting for my first fears to fathom experience!! 

walking around after drinking the "coffee" was trippy lol

solid game! wish i could've figured out the ending lol

one of my favorite fears to fathom games thus far!! 

awesome short and sweet game!! loved the little easter egg with the microwave being able to explode lol. amazing what you can create in just one day!! thanks combo bomb games!! 

awesome game!! totally an cool intro to who eyeless jack is (because i didn't know haha, but now i do!!) thanks tayoDEV!!

thank you, thank you!!

super near game!! can't wait for the last two chapters!! thanks jonny!!

loved having to find all three endings haha. the jumpscares and ambiance were also really fantastic!! thanks so much niven!!

another awesome game kenforest!! keep em coming!! this game was so much fun and super creative!! would love a more horror themed version of this game!! thanks again! 

very interesting concept!! i've never heard of environmental horror before, so this was a really unique game to play!! i had a lot of fun, but lowkey got a bit bored of having to eat so many organs lol. thank you toothandclaw!! 

awesome game!! not gonna lie, i was confused on what to do at several points in the game, but it was still a ton of fun!! thanks spring rabbit! can't wait for part 2!!

very interesting concept for a game!! it was difficult to throw the pizza box into the trash tho lol. thanks knight games!! 

superrr excited for the full game to be released!! i had a lot of fun!!! thanks nobodygames!!

super fun at first!! but the ending was a bit too hard for me :(( thanks for a third game lachlan!!

awesome game that was short and simple!! thanks as always niven!! 

hiya!! i did a twitch stream of this game!! check it out down below. thanks nachogames for creating such an awesome game!! can't wait for updates!!

genuinely terrifying. thanks sole-rift!! 

back at it again haha. much love to this game!! if anyone waants to see what happens if you let everyone in, here's a video!! as always, thanks nachogames! cant wait for updates!!

this game was so much fun lol. cant wait for future games that are a bit more tough to solve!! thanks stagefreight!!

as always, super super fun game haha. awesome job nachogames!! here's a video of how i got f tier in the game if anyone's curious!! (tbh it was even more of a fun challenge than getting s tier lol)

i love this game so much!! i can't wait for more updates and for markiplier to play lol. awesome game!! here's a video of me trying to get s tier lol

i filmed this a longggg time ago lol but i still had a blast playing!! thanks handsomelessking!!