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this was super duper interesting to play!! looking forward to more creepypasta inspired games!! 

this was quite fun ahaha. i love, and always will love, games that require a simple task and then turn that into a horror experience lol. awesome game!!

of course!! :))

nice!! of course :))

incredibly interesting and dark experience- super excited to see what else dev comes up with next!! 

short and scary!! can't wait for part two! 

this was a ton of fun! can't wait to check out other games made by ezra! (also thanks for the content kits omg- ezra, you're a real one!!) 

this game was so much fun! honestly worth a replay!! (i haven't yet, but i definitely will!!) thanks so much KenForest- moth house quickly became one of my favs :))

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poor lilly, nobody believed her lol. this was a super fun experience! can't wait to see if dev comes up with other games that focus on a specific fear!! thanks a ton :)) 

solid game! not sure how i missed the fact that i only needed three papers to win lolol.

this was a fun little horror game! loved the dialogue and the jump scares!!

neat little horror game. cant wait for the full version :)) thanks!!

i had an absolute blast playing this game! thanks so much theMeatly!

this was so much fun! i didn't realize there was another area of the playground though, so i'll definitely have to play again! also i'd totally love more games with bucky! love their character and all of the voice acting within the game! thanks kyle! :))

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this game was incredible! i had so much fun!! thanks so much yapgamedev!! 

this short and sweet narrative game was awesome! i even cried at the end ahaha. the voice acting was also incredibly well done! i look forward to playing more of your games crux! :))

i loved this game so much!! i appreciated the simplicity of our task (put posters on doors) combined with a ton of really horrifying visuals and sounds. it kinda felt like walking through a haunted house!1 thanks andrground :)) 

i enjoyed this game! and honestly, i'm excited for the second one! just please don't release it for money. this series has a lot of potential and i'd hate to see it's downfall due to a silly cash grab. best of luck on the second game!

of course!! :))

this game was DARK omg. i haven't played any psychological horror games yet, but this would easily make my top faves. thanks a bunch!!

a nice lil short and sweet horror game! thanks to the red room!!

nice short little horror game!! thanks :))

this game was so much fun!! danny is extremely terrifying lol. the one thing i could've really used was a noise going off whenever the objectives changed (i never noticed when they changed) - but other than that, super solid game! 

of course!!

this was such a fun puzzle game to play!! it felt very much like an escape room and i love escape rooms lol. happy holidays guys!! :))

great game!! there were a ton of scary sounds that definitely sent shivers down my spine lol. happy holidays everyone :)) 

this was a really fun game!! i wish it was longer ahaha. happy holidays guys!! :))

i absolutely love this game!! usually i make lets play content, so i decided to give making a helpful type of video a shot...? anyways... i found all the endings! i didn't even realize there were four ahaha. love the secret ending and the bottles unlocked after finding the 12 souls too!! 

this was a lot of fun!! def felt like a santa claus sim ahah but still fun! the children def jump scared me a few times ahaha. 

i had so much fun playing!! morris deserves the world hahah. can't wait to see if we get an anna!!

ohmygosh this was so much fun!! honestly it reminded me of when i was in middle school and would play games like this on my phone (so bonus points for nostalgia lol). im so excited for more levels!! also since i believe the dev is still working on extra levels- i'd totally love to fight some evil elves or a yule cat heheh. also the visuals and soundtrack- phenomenal :))

this was a ton of fun!! very creepy and kinda reminded me of outlast, since you have to be pretty stealthy ahah. can't wait to see what projects pop up in the future :))

absolutely hilarious game omg i had a blast playing!!  thanks for making such an awesome game!! i'd totally play more christmas horror games like this one lol 

this was a super awesome game!! i could totally play a follow up game that covers more of the lore and recordings!! 

this game was so much fun! i'm assuming we were jumpscared by our "companion?" if so- absolutely genius!! i know this project is meant to explore the fear of the unknown, but i'd love the lore on why we're stuck in this box lol.

lixian can we have more horror games like this lol? this was fantastic. i had so much fun playing and trying to get all the endings. if only i could wipe my brain and enjoy this game for the first time all over again *sigh* can't wait to see what lixian comes up with next :))

i've been wanting to play this game ever since i saw markiplier playing lol. really great game, i had a blast :))

this is another game on that i've wanted to play for awhile, and i'm so happy i did! this was fantastic :))

i have literally wanted to play this game for ages now, i'm so glad i got the chance. i had a lot of fun playing and i absolutely enjoyed the ending!! 

i think i might've missed an update lol- regardless i still had tons of fun playing this game. honestly the tapes themselves felt like they stayed true to trad analog horror, but with a bit of an addition of modern analog horror, which is always nice. can't wait for the full game :))