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Yeah, absolutely! And yes, definitely credit me. Thanks for asking, I appreciate it!


This is really good! I got wiped out pretty quickly but I’ll have to make another go at it soon!

Nice work! My only critique is that it would be nice if the flashlight could reach farther but I’m not sure how easy that would be to implement anyways given GBStudio’s limitations.

Nice! I like how you worked within the limitations to tell a story.

Love the animations, art style, and the overall sense of humor! I rate this 5 printers out of 5

This is a lovely little game, I enjoyed it. :)

This is really neat, I love the concept of this being a demo game for the trackball, and those win 9x aesthetics are on point. The control scheme was a bit confusing at first since I was playing on a laptop and thus didn’t use the keyboard-ball combo, but I eventually figured it out.

fruits collect is my jam.

This is really adorable <3

Love the concept and story - really like the character design too in the portraits as well.

Love the atmosphere and the visuals!

Thanks for the feedback; I’m pretty aware of both of these things and plan on addressing them in the future (as best as I can at least with how limited GB Studio’s platformer mode is right now!)




Cute little game!

Woah, this is a nice little prototype!

This is a neat demo!

This is really sweet :) Love the color palette too!

Nice work!

I love the sprites and character design and the music is really nice too!

Nice! I like the enemy designs especially.