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that sound amazing! I really hope trevor will say yes to it! SO i really wish you best of luck with your plan :)

thanks and btw did you think of making a larger version? Mean like where you could free roam a forest? I would so love to see a game like that again!

This game is TOO SHORT!!! And also WHY ARE THERE NOW 2!!!

OMG this is so trippy ! I love it but i still feel like i am on a weird trip! XD

you dont have to thank me I simply love the game and cant wait to see more of it!

OH ok so the skeleton is something special :D so now i am at least happy i found it!

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oh no the second night is EVEN worse than the FIRST!!!

I have to say I love this little game!
And i seriously wish the creator would make a longer version of it!

Thank you :D 

Ok i got to say this game is genuinely scaring me and this after replaying the first night 3 times!!!! It is just amazing! If you'd like to see what i mean get the game yourself or check out my video to make up your mind!!

This demo was perfect! I know my video was uploaded a while ago but i forgot to share it here! 

Hey I played the game already more than a month ago but still i wanted to share with you my video on it since i really loved playing this demo!

Oh gosh I went into the game thinking  how scary can it be  and how hard but jeezus those customers are my nightmare!!