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Uncle DJ

A member registered Nov 04, 2020

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Amazing game. Perfect mix of puzzles and scares! I just happen to SUCK at puzzles lmao. Loved it!

Your game has so much potential! Loved it!

Loved it. Absolutely loved it. Me and boo had a lot of fun making this video! Great game! :)

Fantastic effing game! Loved it so much! And it was only made in 3 weeks? Outstanding. Bravo my guy. 

MAN that jumpscare got me GOOD! lmao great game! And my new fur baby made her debut in this video :) 

Loved the game my guy! I dont understand why everyone is comparing it to P.T tho. I didnt get that vibe at all. If you do make it a full game ill be sure to play it as well :) well done man!

The first was when I put the lift in place to get the lady out of the slot, it took me a while to figure out how to pull her out ( sometimes im dumb lol thats on me ) but when i did figure it out, it wouldnt let me interact with the lift anymore. The other 2 were when I was inspecting the body, I had to find 2 markings but there was only one both times. I drug the mouse over every part of the body I could, but nothing. And it said the one contusion I found was on her left shoulder even tho it was on her forearm. I think that happened bc I was in the shoulder view when I clicked on the contusion. But seriously I loved the  game and Im looking forward to the final product!

Ok , I want to start out saying the game was amazing! However I did run into some glitches that made me have to restart the game a couple times and I may have gotten a bit flustered lmao. The Story and premise around the game were absolutely superb with a very creepy environment! Great job so far, and I'm looking forward to the full release!!


I had no idea what was happening and I LOVED IT!! guess I have a S****Y sense of humor... :) seriously great game!

Thank you <3

This game had me anxious in a diff kind of way LOL Seriously well done! Watch this video to see what this game did to me lol it isn't pretty...


This was fantastic lol LOVED every second of it! Seth is my favorite frog-person ever now and I need MORE SETH PLEASE!!!


This was absolutely AWESOME! P.T style games are my favorite and this one was spot on! I did, however, get stuck at the last locked door puzzle and it took me longer than Id like to admit to figure it out (it was in plain sight) LOL But seriously awesome game!

Man this games was amazing! If you're a fan of the Chucky movies, you'll love this game! Seriously well done! And also has replay value <3 Here's a video I made on it <3

Lady Demon did NOT like me trying to file a formal complaint on her at the front desk LOL. Great game! Had a lot of fun!

This is SOO UNIQUE!! I loved it and had a lot of fun making a video of it! and the ending is superb <3 

Holy mad cow disease man this was AMAZING! I cant wait for the full game. SERIOUSLY THO i cant get enough! 

Awesome Game! My video cant compete with a Markiplier video buuuuttt I really enjoyed it! The ending did take me by surprise tho lol I wasnt expecting it. Great Job!!

This was without a doubt the cutest most awesome spooky game ive EVER played! I loved every second of it LOL and I want MORE JIMMY GAMES PLEASE :) 

This game was something else man haha! And i found the easter egg :) made me happy! Overall i LOVED it!!

Okay this game was FANTASTIC all the way through and is full of scares! Heres the Part 2 in the video series I made for it! Part 1 is also in these comments <3 

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Dude! This game is AMAZING! Im doing a 2 part video series on it and cant wait to do the second part! Seriously well done!

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Your game was amazing! Scared the $H!T out of me LOL! Seriously cant wait for more episodes!!! Hope you enjoy this little video I made <3

I decided to do a "try not to jump" challenge with your game! I failed miserably lol This game had a very creepy atmosphere albeit some goofy parts too lol but overall a very fun horror game! Heres the video I made, hope you check it out! 

Your game was very anxiety enducing! Its the first one in this video <3  

Awesome demo! Will more than likely play the full game! Your game is the 2nd one in this video <3  K

eep up the awesome work!

Your game was INTENSE! One of my favorite horror games of all time! Sorry my boring thumbnail doesnt do it justice! Seriously well done! And in just 10 days?!? thats crazy!

Your game was pretty dang good! Enjoyed it very much! Its the first one in this video.