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Uncle DJ

A member registered Nov 04, 2020

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I didn't expect the level of intensity this game had. I do however wish that there was some kind of check point for the casual mode. Overall great experience!


Music was beautiful

Nice spooky atmosphere. Enjoyed it quite a bit.


Had some fun with this one! Looking forward to more. Kind of reminds me of the Fears To Fathom series in that they are based on true stories. Pretty neat to get to play out some Forest Ranger stories. 

Very awesome! Made my adrenaline go through the roof!

Fun game! Got my adrenaline pumping for sure!

Awesome demo! I feel like the full game will be a "PT meets Visage" and Im a little hyped for it. Well done!

Pretty dope C

/edithristmas horror! Got me a couple times! Well done.

This test game was stressful! Well done. Thoroughly enjoyed!


Hey! Just wanted to come back and say that your game is my most viewed video on youtube! Thank you :)

Sorry for calling it a demo! But.... Yes please make a loooong game of it!!! You have a real talent for creating an atmosphere!

Absolutely loved it. Fantastic demo. Want a full game so bad!

Enjoyed this very much! Dope demo. Would love to see a full version come to life!

It is insane youre doing this at 13! I was a useless lump at that age lol I go on and on about it at the end of the video. Well done!

WHAT AN UPRGRADE! The first game was awesome but this one was truly something special! Loving this series and I'm excited to see where it goes!

Absolutely LOVED the game and cant wait to play the 2nd one! I do wish I had more time to read the story screens but other than that it was amazing! Nice Work!

Peter has issues. That being said... fun game! The music put me on edge lol in more ways than one. Well Done.

The death animation took me out XD well done!

Very well made game and well worth the money! I'd love to play more games from you!

I just bought this game on steam then came here and saw it for 50% off... oh well lol ill be playing it on my channel this weekend

Not Danny's house... I've been boozled. Great game tho!! Well done!

No sir, Thank you

To the developer,

    Amazing game! Total 80's horror vibe (which I adore) Well done! But that screaming lmao 


     Your Uncle DJ

To the developer,



  Your Uncle DJ

Dear Max,

   Well done! Amazing short horror game. Loved it very much!

With love,

   Your Uncle DJ

Genuinely had a good time playing your game. Well done and well made.


You're Uncle DJ

Thank you! And also thanks for replying and watching <3

What a game lmao made me jump so I'll give ya that. Well done!

This is such an AMAZING idea! Love the aspect of this anthology! It's so different and cool. I'm doing a series on it and played the first 3 games in my first video. Cant wait to see how this story unfolds! I'm HOOKED!

Sooooooooooo..... I didn't even know about the camera flash thing until i came here to post this.... but i made it through! LMAO! Nice game and Wicked jumpscare! I also did a little unboxing in my intro.

This was very atmospheric and anxiety inducing. I will say that during the chase scene, I think I broke the monster... Hard to explain really but it's in the video. Would love to see more! Well done!

You broke me. Mentally broke me. I am not the same. Well done sir, well done. Here's the video of my demise. Enjoy.

Seriously one of the coolest mechanics I've come across in a horror game! well done, but i want like a full story! I wanna know the history of the girl and the bear. I really think this has the potential to be a full scale game!

I made a little 2 scary games video toilet edition lmao and featured your game first. It was very funny and I absolutely LOVED the voice acting LMAO! Well done!

This was my first ever "backrooms" game. Toilethead made me RAGE lol Loved this game! Well done! And the retro graphics are amazing! Its the second one in this video

That laughing will haunt my nightmares! Seriously creepy, but for the most part not really difficult. If she was just a bit faster, it would add more panic to the sound of her laugh. But overall VERY nice game! (plus you had weeping willows) I love weeping willows! Well done!

This game was beautifully horrifying. Especially the peep hole scene! I do think the ending could use some TLC where the monster is concerned but overall VERY NICE! Its the first game in this video!

Great game and very scary atmosphere! And with a little more time spent I think it could be something truly terrifying! ESPECIALLY the ouija board! That scene has so much potential to be fear inducing nightmare! Your game is the second one in this video! 

I did NOT expect this game to be this terrifying LMAO made me actually panic. The sounds in this game were top notch my guy well done! and well made! Im a sucker for these graphics <3