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SC | UnboundedSpirit

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um sure just put SC in ur name

136 still has 20 deaths wtf


I don't think ur better than me xD


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I spawncamp everyday

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The killer pro verses noob my guess 

Its free

... this is so fucking random

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Rarr lol

Btw great update!

Nah chill your overeacting thats nothing xD


at least not one of those sweaty try hard noob


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lmao we all know that hackers aren’t actually players playing and enjoying the game, they just play the game to annoy all the players humanly  possible 

suit you even better


why don’t you play on the official website?

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completely shut down your iPad (if your using one) then open it, hopefully this helps because I had the same experience and it worked

check the teaser for the available info rn 

Is it not possible for you to put lmao in every comment 🤣

I have 2

2 yrs lmao

My wifi connection is really bad so I can’t play


Im good! Thanks for asking!

I prefer aussua flavored 


Mmm i prefer noob flavored 😈

but ill return to normal during december

I knew it lol

once in while i have some time to chat

No... ig

well n1 didnt copy us since there name is n1 not a clan that ends with C like DC 

My fov 120 

Mouse sensitivity 1.2

Hello what do you want to ask, and also somehow 70s account was hacked :(

As SC owner i refuse

I started this clan way before you guy did lmao, and i kinda think DC copied me 

Chicken since to have a egg you need a chicken, but this does have to do with the religion that you believe in

Shall we talk about who tf is rill kill u

well it doesnt really matter i idrc anyways

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Hhmm how is Mh Al in the DC propaganda?

I thought hes suppose to be in SC


Lol i do that a lot so people wont go tryhard on me XD