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any chance the porn shop glory holes will be accessible outside of the dares?

amen 馃檹

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i didn't think the blacklist tags affected posts pulled from my favorites, since it was pulling posts that didn't fit the search tags I put. A clarification that the blacklist effects both search results and favorites would be appreciated

i feel like this is picking all of my safe rated e6 favorites on purpose

isn't charging for a fangame illegal? not complaining, just worried about this getting taken down

complete nitpick, and i haven't even downloaded the game yet, but the order of the letters in the acronym at the bottom of the description is wrong lol

ctrl c/v doesn't work since it won't let me highlight the text from previous entries

how do i do escape the grapple?? i feel like i'm using every synonym for attack on every possible bodypart and nothing is working, and can you please add some way to copy and paste from my previous commands so i don't have to retype so much?

hell yeah!


where are the saves located? i'm switching computer and want to keep my progress.

also, game is good, thank you

I don't think I've seen any other games on here with dick directly in the thumbnail, so i don't know if it's actually allowed. I don't know anything about uploading to this site so take this with a grain of salt but it might be worth censoring it just in case

I play to what i believe to be the current end, but i want to make sure i didn't miss anything

all of them, each type has an associated statue

check the death hound entry in the data section, it explains what it is

Hell yeah! Positivity is the face of everything life's been handing us!

before even downloading the game, the panther in the pictures is giving me some serious vibes

How do i escape grapples??? i want to actually play the game but the werewolf just gets me instantly without a chance to fight back

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no, and it's almost exclusively gay

anyone have any background music suggestions? I've been playin "my castle town" from deltarune ch2 and i think it fits decently well

I think about this game way too much, the characters are just so well written I can't help it ;w;

-by fallout boy

Huh, oddly enough I can't help but get the feeling that There is no female or herm content in the base Orrias game, but someone else can always write it. Can you confirm that?

interested in seeing where this goes

can we get another

is there a way i can lower the resolution or enter fullscreen? The window is too big to fit on my screen.

I can't for the life of me find the charging cord for the gun