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This was a cute, quick read.  I really appreciated the artwork and the writing style. It was very well executed.

Wow - third work of yours that I have read...and I'm just completely captivated with your writing, art style, and everything....  Another stunning work.

I played trhough this VN earlier today...  It was a very enjoyable, and well-written work. I' very happy that I've found your visual novels.

Hello Andrea,

I've just finished reading One Last Salty Kiss....and I have to say it is an outstanding work! After going through the extra's galleries, I can see how much work you put into every detail of this novel: from characterization to background art, to sprite details.... Every last element of this story is perfect.

Thank you for creating such an enjoyable Visual Novel.

Doesn't launch on Manjaro Linux -- complains that it can't find libxinerama...but I have libxinerama 1.1.4 installed.