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Strange and macabre, I like strange and macabre! gave kind of an Orwellian vibe, despite the place being "run" by sentient pumpkins.

quite strange indeed. but amusing!

Definitely has a spooky atmosphere, but I got so turned around it was ridiculous! (I don't do well with 3d mazes lol) Despite my sass during the game (that's just a thing I do) I really enjoyed it!

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I liked this one.. it's not a scary game, and while the game looks nice and bright, the more you reveal, the darker the plot becomes..

I honestly didn't notice til I was deep into it, but oh boy!

I definitely recommend giving this one a play through!

Finally finished the game, and all I have to say before the videos go up is; Rod, you magnificently sick bastard! 😂😂

(1 edit) thought it was a cute game! Yeah, I said "cute", what'cha gonna do about it?

Enjoyably bizarre! Kind of a puzzle solving element to the way you climb.. oh yes, and FUN!

It's a pretty darn fun game. If the Bond films were directed by the Monty Python boys, this would be the result!

I've just barely scratched the surface of this game, but I'm very curious to find out where the story goes... and so are most of my friends!

I don't even know what to say, other than this game is just fun.. and has brought joy to many... I'm just sayin'.. ^_^

Interesting choice with everything being super pixelated, but it worked in a way.. it leaves you unsure of what you're looking. which, for me, put me a little more on edge and ready for a jump scare.

Also, I like the fact that you can choose how to end the game... kinda. ^_^

Perfect Holiday fun!

A silly game for a dark subject! I had some fun with it. lol

it's an adorable game! I liked it!

It's a shame that the file got messed up, I know how frustrating that has to be.. but the important thing is that you didn't let this setback beat you, and you've got a plan to move forward!

Daedalus, can you explain how gravity is an issue for a front loader? Because as NESHomebrew stated, the AVS dosen't have the same design flaw as the original NES. namely; the "lock-down" lever mechanism, which was the real culprit in the front loader's issues.
That's also why the Blinking Light Win is a good product for fans of the NES

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For a game made in just five weeks it's pretty well done.. it got annoying trying to interact with the items.. half of the time it was just a matter of not being centered on whatever item I was trying to interact with.. and sometimes, you come across items that would move in the opposite direction, or not at all when you tried to move them.

but overall, not bad!

Overall, I really like this game! it has quite a bit of polish for a game that was put together beginning to end in such a short time frame.
The cons are minor, and referring back to the time frame, forgivable..
here's a helpful hit to anyone who hasn't played it yet: only the tv needs to be plugged in.

The puzzles were well done! However, the story needs some work. The voice acting was... off-putting and although it looked the part, there really wasn't anything scary, just one jumpscare at the very end that slightly startled me because it was sudden.
I'm not saying it's a bad game, there's a lot of "love" put into this project. Would I call this a finished game? No.
To me, it feels like this is basically a "proof of concept" and the real.. finished version is still being perfected.

Anyway, that's just my thoughts about it.

I haven't gone to far into the game, but so far it's very intriguing! I'm looking forward to diving deeper into this!

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I'll straight up say it... This is a masterpiece! with it's unique style, wide array of monsters that show up randomly, speaking of randomly.. you never know where you're going to find the items you need! Which adds to the challenge! which ending will YOU get first?

Dave, excellent work here!

Berry the Bear!! he spawned on me once! I thought it was a clown when I heard the music, of course I hadn't played Shopping Nightmares yet. haha.

I know how that goes, so many things piling up.. causing you to put things on hold when everybody knows you don't want to.
It's cool though, because at least you're taking your time and putting real effort into making your games the best they can be!
Besides, I personally have to catch up on playing your other games. ;)

I'm looking forward to this one!

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I had a ton of fun with this game!
Everything from the music and sound effects to the challenges of finding items while avoiding certain death.. I don't know what to say other than; it works and you did a superb job with this remake.. I just wish I looked around more and found the Easter eggs.
I'm definitely going to play more of your games, and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Just played this a few minutes ago.. I love it! it's quirky, fun and just a dash of potty humor! I was jumping out of my skin at each turn.
It took me a minute to figure out the puzzle, and that's good!  I enjoyed the challenge.
Great job, Dave!!

Well, I just took a crack at it.. not fully knowing what I was getting into.. Still don't to some degree, but I have to say, that even with the Windows 95 screensaver-esque look of the game (which actually adds a bit of humorous charm to it) it has peaked my curiosity.. I've heard that there are secrets, there's that scrambled math problem.. and the goofy characters... what's it all about.. or am I just reading too much into it?
Maybe, but maybe not!

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This game has the potential for greatness! it already has a good premise that draws you in.
The atmosphere is absolutely eerie.. it sets the tone so well. The sounds.. is it music, the wind rushing through unseen gaps through the halls and vents? .. Or is it something else? something haunting the place?
One of my subscribers said that this game has a vibe similar to Outlast.. and I'm inclined to agree on some level, but it has it's own vibe, something I can't yet explain..
I do hope there will me more to come in the future.. there is so much story here that can be told! What was going on in this place? How was this... creature, made to be how it is? what happened to everyone else in the facility? These are just a few of the questions that ran through my mind after I reached the end..
There IS a story to be told here, and I hope that we get to discover it soon!

It was a little buggy when I played it.. I wish that weren't the case. interesting concept with the wind up flashlight... but not being able to take more than two or three steps before having to wind it again kind of ruins it a bit in my opinion.