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Thank you!

Thank you! I'm using a cartridge reader - writer from InsideGadgets, it can transfer the pictures to computer. But I haven't use yet to write roms to a cartridge.

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Thank you! some of the advantages of very low resollution... why allways HD, 4k? sometimes GB camera can be useful!

I think your system is briliant, at the begining is tricky, but once you understand goes well, after all you are using GB Studio in a different way or purpose than usual RPG. The documentation is very helpfull! thank you! it also made me understand better how to work with variables. Just the isue I was mentioning, but is easy to mend with collisions. Glad you liked Elorri!

I have uploaded the game, Elorri:
hope you like it! Thank you very much again!

Thank you so much for the code and the documentation! I am using it for a game. I found that is better to add collisions on top and under the player position if there is not a trigger (door), instead it gets blocked. Appart from that goes very well!

Thank you so much! is a great tool, I can't wait to see my game in the real GB. Last improvements are really wellcome! but I would appreciate to keep it simple and don't make too complicated cause is a good point that anybody can use and make a childhood dream come true. Maybe if gets too big, the posibility of activate or deactivate options in a beginner/expert layouts of the same software can be fine, I don't know how can be that. Again, thank you very much Chris!