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This is a brilliant asset pack! Hope to see more another one like this with different factions and units. I'd definitely get that too. I'm putting these to good use!

Some alternate colours and slight costume variations would be perfect addition for this too. Thanks for the great work!

The animations were much smoother and better than expected!

Man! Enjoyed it, fun game.

That felt good!

Nice game! Really enjoyed this, awesome work.

Haha, would love to see this go further!

Nice game, interesting concept.

Great, makes a big difference. Also, I'd add, some particles to know when you're hitting the enemy successfully, or some kind of feedback. And maybe particles or colour variation for the spikes, so you know they're there to hurt you. Good fun still, enjoy this one.

Great game, well made, great theme and intense! Had me hooked at every checkpoint ahah

Hah, I like it! The sound wave of destruction. Lovely visual appeal, simple and pleasing. Great style, great game.

Haha, great! Didn't know exactly what the upgrades would do, but they were all useful and easy to understand once I saw them in action!

Simple yet beautifully polished and really great character haha, little Dodger grew on me!

Intro was a biiiit long haha, but enjoyed the style. nice aesthetic choices here.

Enjoyed the journey. Well polished and thought out, great entry

Good game, quite enjoyed the journey to the pyramids and all the pitfalls along the way

Great game.

Great concept, really fun!

Great game, really fun to play.

Awesome, thanks for playing! More to come, more to improve. Sent you a message on Twitter, happy to hear your feedback!

Really fun game, just a pure session of enjoyment!

Well made, great fun!

Very enjoyable. Got fired up to kill them damn monsters when I get powered up!!

Good memories of this game! Nicely put together, I had fun with it.

Enjoyed the game, it was simple fun! Background made it a bit hard to see things though.

These have some great flair to them! Great addition to the other packs.

Really loving these assets, great number of characters, variations and easy to mix and match.

Haha, this was fun! I loved the full auto, all direction scattter shot! Was cutting through the bots. Got 125!

Hey- that's great. That's really great feedback, thanks. Adding that in.

Thanks, still going to do more optimisations for it!

Great pace and story, really enjoyed this game-